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Ryan Fusina

Ryan Fusina had a tendency to overcommunication and overexplain things to his team. Through coaching, he gained a new communication style that has increased both his and his team’s efficiency.

Ryan Fusina

Client Spotlight: Ryan Fusina 

Ryan Fusina is the Director of Customer Solutions for SPI Heath and Safety, an organization that has worked closely with Frame of Mind Coaching™ over the past number of years. Each member of their senior team, including Ryan, has experienced our 1-1 Executive Coaching program. Some of their team members have also participated in our group coaching program and attended our leadership workshops.

When Ryan, who manages one of the largest teams at SPI, came to Frame of Mind Coaching™, he was having some communication challenges. As Ryan puts it, “I wanted to work on simplifying and streamlining my communication.” 

By exploring this issue with Chari Schwartz, his personal FOM Coach, he discovered that he had a tendency to overcommunicate because he thought it was his responsibility to make sure that others understood what he was saying. “Through coaching, I learned that if someone doesn’t understand something, it’s up to them to let me know,” says Ryan. “Now I just give people what they need, and have stopped overexplaining and overanalyzing.”

This new communication style has increased both his and his team’s efficiency. His people know to ask him questions or to request clarification if need be. “It has also helped me live easier because I learned that I can only control my level of understanding, not other people’s,” he says. “It’s quite liberating.”

Outside of the business world, Ryan often found himself mixed up in his kids’ issues and fighting their battles for them. He used to intervene on their behalf until he got what he perceived was the ‘correct’ result. Chari helped him see that while this was producing immediate results, it wasn’t serving his kids in the long run. 

“We discovered that I need to equip my kids to fight their own fights, only intervene when necessary, and empower them to articulate their point of view and stand up for themselves,” he says. “Rather than telling them what to do, I coach them, and it has worked out really well!”

His family has noticed that he’s living his life with more ease as well. Ryan has also noticed that he now has more clarity when it comes to making decisions at home and at work, and that’s all thanks to Chari.

“I really, really enjoyed my time with Chari,” says Ryan. “She was so open, honest and non-judgemental. She even said, ‘I’m not here to make you a saint, I’m here to help you live with greater ease and be more effective at work and at home.’ So I was able to share deep insights and work through them with her.”

Ryan has recommended Frame of Mind Coaching™ to others a number of times. “Frame of Mind Coaching™ has created a methodology that was clear and easy to implement,” he says. “It’s not just theory, it actually works.”

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