Neel Chadha

"The nature of the program is quick, and it’s quite the commitment with the daily journaling, but I got what I needed to out of it." - Neel Chadha

Neel Chadha

Client Spotlight: Neel Chadha

Neel Chadha is a family doctor who also builds retirement communities. He found out about Frame of Mind Coaching™ through a fellow FOM client in his TEC group. “I wanted to up my business game and my life game,” he says. “I didn’t really have any expectations going into it, but [once I started coaching] it just so happened that my relationships kept coming up in my journals.”

FOM Coach Dave Gorham helped Neel navigate two important relationships in his life – his relationship with his wife, and his work relationship with his second-in-command – the general manager of the retirement community that he owns in Perth, Ontario, Canada.

Dave helped Neel improve his communication with his wife. “One of the things that Dave said that really stuck with me was that I am 100% responsible for the success of the relationship,” says Neel. “That totally changed my frame of mind. I started taking responsibility and accountability as opposed to leaving it up to her.” This caused a positive shift in their relationship. “I manage my triggers better and I don’t place blame.”

Similarly, with his second-in-command, Neel became more compassionate and upfront, and learned to set expectations. “I’m more understanding of her situation and things are clearer now,” he says.

Together, Dave and Neel worked on identifying his core values. “I didn’t realize how important freedom was to me or that competitiveness was a value of mine,” he says.

They also worked on how Neel wanted to show up as a person in society. “That was a concept that stuck with me and allowed me to stop doing things that weren’t aligned with who I want to be – like being lippy in a hockey game or being abrupt with a barber after a bad haircut,” he says.

Neel journaled a lot with Dave as they worked through his relationships. “I learned from him and his stories,” says Neel, “particularly that sometimes I brush things off and don’t always dig deep to understand things better.”

Neel describes Dave as funny, challenging, good-intentioned and someone who wants you to do well. “The nature of the program is quick, and it’s quite the commitment with the daily journaling, but I got what I needed to out of it,” he says.

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