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Matthew Gaglio

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Matthew Gaglio

Matthew Gaglio

How did you first find out about Frame of Mind Coaching™?

I heard Kim speak at an event put on by the New York chapter of PMI, a professional society for project managers. She led us through a series of exercises that showed how our beliefs affect our behavior in our personal and professional lives. 

 She had one volunteer come up to talk about his motivations and what his life goals were. That really made me think about what my life goals were and what sort of beliefs I held that prevented me from achieving them. 

What were you struggling with prior to coaching?

Before coaching, I had a hard time building professional relationships. I felt that had been holding me back in my career and was preventing me from realizing my full potential. 

How did coaching impact that?

Through coaching, I became more aware of my moods and of my thoughts. I also became aware of what thoughts and beliefs were holding me back. I used to have trouble connecting with people and building relationships. I found it easy to stay quiet and not talk, or to focus on only work. We identified that this sprung from my fear of putting myself out there. 

After working with Frank, I was able to start building more meaningful relationships. I noticed improvements in my performance and how I showed up as well. It was as if the real me became more visible and I was no longer hiding inside. 

Has coaching impacted how you show up at work?

It has. I feel more comfortable with my co-workers and I've been working to build up strong relationships with them. I've become more vocal and more effective. 

What was it like journaling every day?

I enjoyed journaling every day and I felt things come into perspective. Discussing the journal entries with Frank provided a great deal of insight. It was like having someone who could look over your shoulder and offer up good advice and challenge you.   

How would you describe Frank as a coach?

Frank was great to work with. He gave great advice and was fantastic to talk with. He asked many hard hitting questions and made me question my own beliefs. He was challenging without being confrontational. Frank was incredibly supportive in this journey and helped me to improve myself.  

Would you recommend FOM Coaching to others?

I would recommend it to others. If you feel stuck or you feel like there is something holding you back, then getting advice from a coach could be the right remedy.

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