Physician Assistant
Marissa Jobe

Marissa Jobe says that she achieved the goals she was looking to get from coaching, but also gained insight into herself.

Marissa Jobe

Client Spotlight: Marissa Jobe

Marissa Jobe is a physician assistant in oncology and a mom of 3 kids under 5. Her husband, Taylor, encouraged her to sign up for Frame of Mind Coaching™ as he’s a client who has also become certified in our coaching methodology. He knew we could be of help.

“I was battling an internal pull between my home life and my work life,” says Marissa. “I wanted to find balance and some room for myself. That had been brewing for some time. I also had work stresses and family health stresses that were the catalyst for this coaching. I found myself wondering: what am I doing? Am I spending my time in the right areas? What do I want my life to look like?”

After expressing some of these concerns to us, she was paired with the perfect coach for her: Becca Woodring Buttermore. “Becca and I both work in healthcare and we both have family and patients with needs,” says Marissa. “It was a great fit right off the bat because we’re working moms trying to navigate the chaos. She really understood what I was experiencing.”

Through coaching, Marissa learned that she was the one getting in the way of her own happiness and fulfillment, not anyone else or external factors. Becca allowed her to see all of the supportive people that she has in her life, including family members, friends and colleagues. 

“I finally recognized that people at work support me and want me to be happy,” says Marissa. “I was able to identify and express exactly what I want to be doing.”

Together, Becca helped Marissa figure out that she still wants to work while being present for her family. She has since been able to maintain her identity as a healthcare provider, but in a different way. When she expressed to her colleagues that she wanted to lighten her workload, they enthusiastically approved her request.

“I used to struggle to speak up for myself and always wanted to please others,” she says. “But once I spoke up, everyone supported the changes I wanted to make.”

Marissa has kept her role at work while shifting how she spends her time, with a focus on her home life. “By alleviating some of my workload at my job, I can perform better at work and show up better at home without being burnt out.”

Marissa says that she, Becca, Taylor, and her friends have all noticed a shift in her. “I feel more me than I have in a long time,” she says. “I feel more stability and less foggy chaos.”

Another set of challenges that Marissa encountered during coaching were health issues with her mom and her son. “I felt a lot of emotional stress and pull in different directions,” says Marissa. “It all came together at the right time – I wanted to be there for my family, and this process highlighted the most important things to me. It gave me the ability to drop everything and be with them.”

She also learned that people want to support her on a day-to-day basis, not just when crises arise. “I can pick up my kids from school or go to soccer practices, and people want that for me,” she says. “I learned that people don’t view me as a burden and they want to help me.”

Marissa found that Becca was able to challenge her while still being constructive. “Talking to Becca feels like talking to a better version of me,” jokes Marissa. “She can catch me when I’m going in a certain direction and identify life events that have triggered certain behaviors. I’ve talked to her about things that I haven’t talked to anyone about.”

Marissa says that she achieved the goals she was looking to get from coaching, but also gained insight into herself. “For the first time, I’m really taking care of myself and I’m able to catch myself when I’m overextending,” she says. “I can navigate life better than before and I don’t put myself last.”

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