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Lukas Stam

Our clients' stories can help you understand what coaching really looks like. Learn more about Lukas Stam's experience with Frame of Mind Coaching™.

Lukas Stam

Client Spotlight: Lukas Stam

Lukas Stam is a site supervisor in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada who found out about Frame of Mind Coaching™ through a friend, who had experienced 1-1 coaching with us. During his intake call, he was matched with the perfect FOM Coach for him, Jonathan Robert.

“I have a lot of respect for Jon,” says Lukas. “He’s super positive, nice, encouraging and asked good questions which made me think.”

It had been a while since Lukas was in university and he was looking to learn more about self-improvement without needing to go back to school. In his work environment he wanted to learn better means of asking his coworkers more effective questions and how to motivate them without being manipulative. 

As a general contractor and site supervisor, Lukas is the boss of the projects he works on. “If there isn’t a lot of time to get the job done, I used to just tell people what to do,” he says. “But that’s an old school way of managing.” 

Through coaching, he realized that everyone is different and complex, and when he is in a situation where he does not really understand someone, he needs to assume positive intent.  Assuming positive intent means to presume that others have positive intentions even when it may not seem that way at first glance.

“I used to look at conversations like: if I say x, I’ll get y – if I push this button, I’ll get this response,” he says. Now he shows up more authentically. Jon taught him the phrase ‘clarity builds confidence,’ which has allowed Lukas to be clear about expected outcomes and to deal with things directly instead of skirting around issues.

“My coworkers see that I’m less tied to specific outcomes,” says Lukas. “Things don’t need to be done my way and I can ask others how they’d do it.”

Since coaching, Lukas has been able to ask his team more effective questions in order to get the results they’re all working towards. “Asking my coworkers questions is fun now,” he says. “Coaching was about looking at beliefs and whether or not they serve me. Now I can see when other people’s beliefs aren’t serving them and can ask them questions about it.” He also asks his parents and his wife more questions. They’ve noticed this change and are very receptive to it. 

Lukas liked how the journaling aspect of FOM Coaching™ allowed for a deep, back and forth conversation. The coaching calls were an effective way of challenging his thinking and getting instant feedback. 

Lukas recommends FOM Coaching™ to others, is grateful to have experienced it and plans on relistening to his recorded coaching sessions soon.

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