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Jessica Schwartz

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Jessica Schwartz

Jessica Schwartz

How did you find out about Frame of Mind Coaching™?
My mom, Chari Schwartz, got coached by Kim Ades and became a certified Frame of Mind Coach. I noticed a lot of positive changes in her throughout her coaching journey. She seemed lighter somehow, calmer and happy in her own skin. Meanwhile, I was going through my own stuff.

I had a quick phone call with Kim, and I was crying within 10 minutes. She put things into words that I had been feeling but that I hadn't been able to articulate before. It was such a beautiful moment that I decided to see what coaching was all about. It turned out to be a totally life-changing experience.

What were you struggling with before coaching?
I was at a standstill with my career and just felt very lost. I was also struggling with my confidence and I had a hard time making decisions that were right for me. I was working in a place with people who were passive aggressive and hostile, but it was in a field I was interested in. I felt so torn.

How did FOM Coaching impact that?
Coaching helped me ask myself, “What are my values? Where do I feel stuck?” I realized that every time I went to work, I felt miserable. Meanwhile, I was also working part-time with a different organization. I was able to see how this job was really fulfilling me, pushing my boundaries and leading me to learn about business and finance. So I quit my job in the hostile work environment and focused my time on my part-time role. If I hadn't taken the time to reflect and align my thinking with my values and my beliefs about myself, I wouldn't have made that shift.

Coaching also helped me become more grounded. I know myself better now and I have more confidence. When something isn’t going super well, I remember the FOM Principles and they give me the resilience to work through it. I have learned to be patient and to forgive myself.

How has coaching impacted your relationships?
Since both my mom and I got coached, it has made us stronger and we understand each other better. It's really beautiful to be able to have that reciprocity and that level of respect for one another. We've always had that, but FOM Coaching has created a more meaningful connection.

There have been several relationships in my life that have always felt stressful. Kim helped me sift through my negative thoughts and insecurities that were impacting these relationships. I realized that a lot of the stress was based on false stories I was telling myself.

What was your relationship like with your coach?
Kim is like a mother figure for me in the sense that she's like my mom, but she says things that my mom could never actually say to me. Kim was so loving, so supportive and really attentive. She was able to get to the core of what was really holding me back. Having a coach look into my life objectively was a really beautiful experience.

What was it like journaling with your coach?
I had a lot of discomfort when it came to communicating through technology. I also have a learning disability, and reading and writing used to be a sore spot for me. Kim helped me ease into the process naturally and let me go at my own pace.

I was in contact with Kim everyday through journaling, so during our weekly calls, we spent quality time together and really dove in. She taught me that even though I write something down, it doesn't mean that it’s actually true.

Also, before coaching, the thought of writing anything vulnerable was really daunting. Now I actually write poetry.

Would you recommend FOM Coaching to other people?
Absolutely! I already have several times. I tell people that with this program, your coach is really in it. They see what you're thinking about and experiencing and they’re right there with you. I have never seen this much progress occur this quickly using any other method.

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