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Helen Iwata

Our clients are the key to really getting a good look at what coaching looks like. Learn more about Helen Iwata's experience with Frame of Mind Coaching™.

Helen Iwata

Helen Iwata

How did you first find out about Frame of Mind Coaching™?

I heard Kim Ades's interview on The Suitcase Entrepreneur podcast with Natalie Sisson. Everything that Kim said was so interesting that I immediately went on the website and signed up for the Frame of Mind Coaching assessment. From there, I had my first coaching call, and I learned so much from that call alone.

What were you struggling with prior to coaching?

I was way too busy. I used to think that this was because I was working in the corporate world. I didn't think that this would be a problem once I began working for myself, but it was. I was physically feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and felt like I was doing way too much.

I had been coached with someone else before, but it didn't impact my workload. This time around, I really wanted to do something that would make a big difference, and that would challenge my busy-is-better mentality. I felt that FOM Coaching would help me address that.

How did coaching impact your workload?

It was amazing. I really do feel less busy, finally. Though I had been coached before and had read a lot about time-management, none of it really made a difference. Working with Chari made a huge difference. The biggest sign of that was how I felt during Christmas. Usually, the run-up to Christmas is such a hectic time for me. I used to put a lot of stress on myself to make everything fabulous for everyone else. This Christmas, I was working on a book, moving into a condo, and making big changes within my business, on top of my regular workload. I normally would have been incredibly stressed, but I wasn't! I really was able to enjoy the holidays this year. I was even able to allow myself to take two sets of four-day digital sabbaticals to really focus on my family and friends.

Another example of the impact of FOM Coaching would be how I felt during my move. When I have moved in the past, it has been such a stressful time. This time around, I was able to focus on enjoying the moving process. Coaching taught me to be less rushed and stressed and to actually enjoy the exciting things in my life. 

You mentioned that you used to be very busy. How are you spending your time now? 

I am shutting down the computer earlier in the day. At times when I would have been really hard on myself in the past to do more, I prioritize my health instead. Prior to coaching, I hadn't really thought about my values, much to the detriment of my health. Now, I recognize when I feel tired and unproductive, and I can decide to stop. 

What was the experience of journaling every day like for you?

I loved it! I have a communications background, so I'm used to having to write well. But with journaling, it was more like writing a stream of consciousness. I found it really liberating to write whatever was on my mind without having worry about structure, grammar or punctuation. After coaching, I still have a journaling routine.

Has coaching impacted how you show up at work?

I have always been the sort of person who would put on a good front for work, regardless of how I was feeling. Now, I'm putting on a good front naturally because I actually feel good.

Would you recommend FOM Coaching to others?

Absolutely! I've been doing that quite a bit already. It was definitely worth it. Also, Chari is great coach. She has a nice balance of having fun and getting down to business at the same time. I really liked that approach. At one point, she said to me, "Helen, you've passed," meaning that I had been doing so much to prove myself, but I actually didn't need to be. That phrase keeps coming back to me.

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