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Dorothy Solomon

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Dorothy Solomon

Dorothy Solomon

Why did you decide to do Frame of Mind Coaching™?

I'm a life coach, but I sought out FOM Coaching because it was the first time that I felt like I could get coaching that would be useful to my personal and professional life. Kim was leading a National Association of Social Workers webinar, and I was really impressed with her coaching model. Her coaching is about changing one's own story and paradigm. That appealed to me immensely as a creative writer, and also struck a chord with my coaching style. It was really helpful for me to shift my focus from the results of what I do to the process of living, and having results come naturally.

How would you describe your experience with FOM?

It's been great. Kim is extremely insightful, smart, and she knows what she's doing. I love her directness, her passion and how intuitive she is. She's been very good for me as an artist and a writer by helping me rediscover my voice and my desire to complete unfinished projects. She's helped me clear away a lot of old agendas and stories that were holding me back. I feel much freer and much better able to approach the new year and the rest of my life as a result. 

How did journaling affect your coaching experience?

I've always journaled, and I use journaling in my own coaching. But there was something different going on in this journaling than ever I've experienced before. It had to do with me facing issues gradually rather than confronting them head on. The experience of changing my mind became less daunting. The journals helped me better identify what I want.

You are known for your writing about your upbringing in a polygamist family. Is that a topic that you discussed with Kim?

Yes, absolutely. I had a lingering sense of shame about growing up the way I did. I felt like I wasn't legitimate, but I had pushed that feeling away from me while I was busy with work. When I finally got a chance to write, I was enveloped with a sense of invalidity and felt that I was too weird because of my background.

I had previously worked on coming to terms with it, but I hadn't gotten to the basic root of it. It came back to haunt me with feelings of self-doubt and selfishness. Kim helped me come to grips with that in a new way, which was crucial.  

Was there anything about the FOM method that surprised you? 

I know myself pretty well, but I did have 'ah ha!' moments. I wasn't dealing with new terrain, but it was like I was looking at it for the first time. Kim exceeded my expectations.

Any other thoughts on FOM?

FOM coaches teach their clients how to reframe their lives through the journaling. And they offer the process as long as people want it. I don't want to let go of Kim, but neither do I think I'd die without her because she has helped me reframe my life and think about myself differently. Now I know how to do that myself if I need to, but it's also nice to know that her door is always open. 

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