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Chelsey Kent Beauchamp

Chelsey Kent Beauchamp is the COO of Share Ventures, a holding company that runs 13 Tim Hortons locations. Coaching gave her the confidence to step into her new role and to express herself in her relationships.

Chelsey Kent Beauchamp

Client Spotlight: Chelsey Kent Beauchamp

Chelsey Kent Beauchamp is the COO of Share Ventures, a holding company that runs 13 Tim Hortons locations. Chelsey and her fellow executives (who are also her family members) have all been coached individually with Frame of Mind Coaching™ and are currently in our Group Coaching program together with FOM Coach Dave Gorham.

Chelsey first heard about coaching through FOM client Lisa Cefali when Share Ventures hired her company, Legacy Bowes Group, for structural and financial consulting. Lisa recommended FOM Coaching™ after Chelsey shared some of her professional challenges.

“I was feeling stuck in my professional development at the time and was ready to step into a more executive role in the company,” says Chelsey. “I needed some guidance and support there, especially because as a family business, the company leaders are also my family members.”

Before coaching, Chelsey knew that something needed to change, and it was during coaching that she transitioned into her new role. “Coaching really helped me with that process, as an executive role is very different than an operational one,” she says. “Also, with my dad slowly stepping back in his role, coaching helped navigate that transition as well.”

Dave helped Chelsey focus on her future as opposed to staying stuck in the 'how’s' and 'why’s'. “That forward thinking to take the next steps was exactly what I was looking for,” she says. “Navigating challenges with a more positive mindset helped me step into that role and my relationships with others more naturally.”

Chelsey found that coaching enabled her to really understand other people. “It released that internal chatter that prevented me from hearing them,” she says. “By becoming more self-aware, I’m better able to communicate and really listen to where people are coming from.”

In both her personal and professional life, she has gained the confidence to express herself and to share what she needs and values with others. Dave helped her understand what her core values truly are, as well as how to telegraph those values through the different levels of the company. 

When it comes to working with her dad, Chelsey learned how to help him put his big plans into action. “Dave helped me to support ‘William my dad’ and ‘William the CEO’,” she says. “He taught me how to have intentional conversations with my dad to help guide him so he can make his visions clear and communicate them to his team.” 

Coaching has helped with the company’s succession planning process, as well as getting everyone on the same page and aligning them with the values of the company. Chelsey has noticed that they’re now able to focus on solutions as opposed to negative outcomes during challenging conversations. Overall, it has improved their leadership skills, which has trickled down to the other leaders they manage.

An important concept that Dave taught Chelsey was the difference between tolerating (feeling tension about a situation) and allowing (getting curious about a situation). “That has lifted a weight off of me in terms of my leadership and in my personal relationships,” she says. “I’ve released the need to control others so that I can be happy.”

Chelsey is also a competitive horse show jumper and Dave has helped her with her self-doubt and goal setting in that area. “Our discussions helped me navigate some of the relationships and communicate clearly with my coaches and others in the industry,” she says.

She has really appreciated the consistency of her coaching relationship with Dave. “He is there for me whenever I need him, above the scheduled calls, even if it’s just five minutes of extra support,” she says.

Overall, Chelsey’s goal is to be happy and enjoy work and life. “Having awareness and control over my thoughts and feelings has made a big difference in my overall happiness,” she says. “By working on my core values, I can remain aligned in my decision-making and live my life according to my values.”

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