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Cary MacArthur

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Cary MacArthur

Cary MacArthur

How did you hear about FOM Coaching?

I was listening to a podcast Kim Ades did with David Wood on Amplified Living. Kim was really matter-of-fact and really confident. A lot of what she said resonated with what I already felt and believed. I really wanted to see if what she said on her podcast was really how she was and it was just like she said and more.

What was the best part of having Kim as a coach?

I loved the journaling, the daily interactions with her, and just how direct she was about getting right to the core and not necessarily getting lost in the details. I loved her way of asking questions that caused me to think beyond what I already thought I had thought enough about. And she was still really personable; I felt like I could develop a friendship with her as well. 

What were you struggling with prior to coaching?

Mostly confidence in owning my own power and feeling like I could be an equal partner in my marriage, with my kids, and in my family. Kim helped me with not holding myself back anymore. 

How has FOM Coaching impacted your life?

My life has done a full 180-degree turn. I am way more able to have conversations with my husband, first of all. We had a good relationship before but now it’s great and I can speak up. I’m still not perfect at it, but now I always speak up eventually. I don’t feel like I have to earn my place with him; I now know that I’m equal. Also, I’m way more confident in every area of my life; I used to feel like I had to earn my place in my friendships too but now I’m able to be confident in my friendships and relationships. I’m way more out loud; I’m speaking at events now instead of just wishing I could and being too afraid to do it.

As a coach yourself, how has FOM coaching changed how you coach?

I’ve incorporated the journaling because it’s so powerful, and I look for those questions in what’s being said the way Kim did with me. I always go back to some of the questions I would ask and some of the questions Kim would ask me. I’ve worked on getting more direct and getting people to answer their own questions instead of answering the questions for them. 

Would you recommend FOM coaching to others?

I have recommended FOM Coaching to others and I will continue to. I tell them my experience of how Kim was able to get me to answer my own questions so powerfully and use the journaling to create a habit through my thought process. It was transformational for me.

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