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Carla Webb

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Carla Webb

Carla Webb

Why did you decide to pursue FOM Coaching?

It was a gift that I gave to myself. I remember thinking that if one of my kids needed something that I thought would benefit them, make them happier, and make them view their life in a different way, it would be worth it. And if I would do it for my kids, why wouldn't I do it for myself?

How did journaling affect your coaching experience?

When I was in pain, I used it. When I was really having a difficult time finding my way out of the mental mess that I was in, I used it. And then as I was able to function better, and I could see the light, I used different FOM methods.

How would you describe your life before and after coaching?

Life changes began to happen very quickly for me. Within the first three sessions, I already felt much lighter. I used to wake up with dread every morning, and it was all to do with work. Before the coaching, I always focused on my role at work. And now I don't focus on it. I was able to put into place ways of organizing my days and my work. I identified what it is that only I can do. On a personal level, I trust myself again. I am now able to be more lighthearted and adventurous, and less rigid. 

How has coaching affected your work?

It made me remember my magic, why people want to work with me, and what value I bring. I had forgotten that. I had covered it up in a whole mess of expectations that I thought others had of me. After coaching, I could see clearly again, and in turn, others could see me clearly. 

I have changed some of the work that I'm doing. I let loose some of the projects that I didn't want to do but had previously agreed to take on. Because of my newfound confidence, I have control over my calendar again. The company has even given me resources that I didn't have before. 

Would you recommend FOM to others?

Yes, I have. I told people at work that I had an executive coach and that I went through this process. Whenever they ask how it went, I urge them to do it—it's worth it. Give yourself the chance to open up. Trust them with whatever you're going to talk about, because anything that you bring out into the light of day looses a lot of its negativity and its power. If you are willing to open and up do the work, this is a great place to do it.

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