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Bruce Alexander

Frame of Mind Coaching™ gave Bruce Alexander confidence in himself, his leadership ability, and in how he approaches his family life and business life.

Bruce Alexander

Client Spotlight: Bruce Alexander

Bruce Alexander is the President of Raymond EMC Enclosures Ltd, a radio frequency shielding enclosure manufacturer in North America. Bruce bought the company in 2012 and has been running it ever since. Bruce is also a member of the TEC (The Executive Committee) Ottawa group. In fact, he learned about Frame of Mind Coaching™ when Kim Ades, President and Founder of FOM Inc, presented for TEC.

“The whole concept of reframing thought and identifying limiting beliefs really appealed to me,” he says. “It made perfect sense, so to get coached in that area was a great fit.” Bruce then had a complimentary coaching call with Kim, who matched him with FOM Coach Chari Schwartz. 

Bruce didn’t come to coaching with any particular pain points, but he wanted to make some tweaks to how he was approaching life and business. His main objective? To look at his thought processes, and to explore them and to see what there was to discover. While he wasn’t at a crisis point of change, he knew that he wanted to make gradual change in his life. 

“I was oblivious to what thought patterns might be limiting me,” he says. “I understood the concept of reframing thought and how thought can limit one’s success and performance, but at that point I didn’t know how I was approaching things in terms of my thoughts and beliefs about it and how they were holding me back.”

Bruce says that coaching greatly affirmed and strengthened what he was approaching the right way, and where his thoughts and beliefs were aligned with his goals. It also helped him evaluate where his thoughts were limiting him.

“The most significant thing it did for me was give me confidence,” says Bruce, “in myself, in my leadership ability, and in how I approach family life and business life.”

Bruce noticed improvements in how he shows up as a leader. “My leadership style is now less reactive and more proactive,” he says. “I gained the ability to look forward and identify the direction I want to go in—I don’t have to react and respond to every single thing because I see that we’re tracking in the right direction.”

This has instilled a greater degree of confidence in his leadership team. “They know where the company is going; that they’re accomplishing their goals, growing and seeing success,” he says. “This has made things easier for me in terms of casting a vision and getting their buy-in.” 

Bruce says that the use of journaling in tandem with the coaching calls was key. Journaling consistently became a regular activity for him because he knew it would make the coaching calls that much more impactful. Having his coach read and respond to each of his journals and ask questions created a depth and focus on the calls. “I process my thoughts much better when I write them out as opposed to just thinking about them,” he says. “Then to have someone ask me questions really brought me clarity.”

Initially Bruce approached coaching from a business perspective—knowing it would help him lead his company—but the impact of his coaching experience flowed over into the entirety of his life. “People tend to think that their thoughts are correct and aligned with their goals, but without a critical evaluation of what you’re thinking, it’s not possible to spot inconsistencies,” he says. “I highly recommend Frame of Mind Coaching™—it helped me become a more effective thinker!”

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