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Angela Myers

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Angela Myers

Angela Myers

How did you first find out about Frame of Mind Coaching?

I heard Kim Ades speak on the Performance Enhancing Podcast with Ilan Ferdman. I listened to the podcast regularly, and I already knew I wanted to seek out coaching. I really liked what Kim had to say. I also knew that if Ilan was willing to bring her on his podcast, she and her program must be pretty amazing. I reached out to her after, and she introduced me to Becca.

What were you struggling with prior to coaching?

I wanted to break out of the project management world and become a health and wellness coach. I had been thinking about it for a couple of years, but I never believed that I could do it. I was continuously self-sabotaging and was afraid of what other people thought of me.

How did coaching impact that?

Coaching helped me see things from a completely different perspective. It made me very aware of how my thoughts affect everything in my life. 

Becca had me interview other people about what my biggest strengths were. It was really eye opening to see how others viewed me versus how I viewed myself. People told me that I'm confident, motivated and always going after my goals, whereas I saw myself as being paralyzed by fear. Seeing things from other people's perspectives made me realize I could be what they see.

When I was younger, I was extremely shy. I went into my first career as a computer programmer because I wanted to keep to myself. I had since broken out of that mentality, but I was still calling myself shy. Coaching helped me realize that's not me anymore.

Has coaching impacted your job?

I've made progress that I was never able to make before. Coaching gave me the confidence to coach others. I'm currently learning how to coach and gaining skills for the specific area that I want to coach in. I'm moving forward. I know now that my purpose is to help people transform their health.

Has coaching impacted your relationships?

It affected my relationship with my parents. I had been afraid to be who I really was. I wanted to keep my parents happy. I wanted them to think I was a perfect child, so there were a lot of things that I either hadn't shared with them or had lied about in the past. I have since been open and honest with them. It has strengthened our relationships and given me freedom.

What was it like journaling every day?

Journaling was amazing, and it's a process I've continued with. When you just have thoughts in your head, you miss things or get stuck on certain thoughts. When you start journaling, a whole new world opens up. I can use it to resolve issues or to feel good about things in general.

How would you describe your coach?

Becca was so amazing. She was really personable and I felt like she wasn't just a coach, and that I made a friend in the process. And she really cared. If she knew something was going on in my life, she would check up on me. I very quickly got comfortable with her and felt safe in sharing my vulnerabilities. She was also very accommodating, responsive and supportive.

You decided to have additional coaching from Becca. What was that like?

Coaching helped me become aware of things I could change, but I needed life experiences in which to really make the changes. The ongoing coaching was really valuable for me. I would journal about things going on in my life, and Becca would respond to them. It really helped me integrate what I learned from her into my life. 

Would you recommend FOM Coaching to others?

Yes, definitely! The whole experience really opened my mind to new possibilities. 

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