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Amy Hawke

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Amy Hawke

Amy Hawke

How did you find out about Frame of Mind Coaching™? 

A friend of mine used to work at Frame of Mind Coaching™ and she recommended that I speak to Dave Gorham to help me move beyond the pain I was in at that time.

What were you struggling with prior to coaching?

I was in a bad place at work and I was exhausted. I was putting in too many hours and was losing my ability to perform at the same level that I was previously. I also felt that I needed more clarity and to redefine my path. 

How has Frame of Mind Coaching™ impacted that? 

With Dave's help, I learned to reinterpret events and to assume that others always had a positive intent. It helped me heal, move forward and regain a very purposeful path towards a new career. 

I also learned that if I trade up my thoughts for better ones, I can attract healthier and more productive things into my life. We all create our own reality and have the power to decide what we want to do or become. It wasn't an accident that my current, fulfilling job came to my door. I didn't ask them, they asked me. 

How has coaching impacted how you show up at work? 

It has helped me exceed my former level of productivity and effectiveness. I also use what I learned to encourage my current agent base to be more purposeful of where they want to be and to focus on what they want until they achieve it. Being purposeful about what you want your world to look like every day sets the tone for how things unfold. If you focus on what's not working, you will attract that. Negative thoughts point us away from what we want. 

What was the process of journaling like for you? 

By journaling, you can self-diagnose, process, heal and then move beyond it. On coaching calls, Dave and I would go over what I had written, and he would ask questions that made me look at the situations I described differently. Then I would journal again, taking his advice and questions into account, and was able to look at things in a better, more productive way.

How would you describe Dave as a coach?

Dave is funny, direct, non judgmental, insightful and knew how to shine the light on my flawed thinking patterns that were holding me back from getting what I wanted. Our conversations were a confidential and safe place to share the good, the bad and the ugly. I love that man. I owe him my life.

How would you describe your overall experience with Frame of Mind Coaching™?

I can't say enough good things about the program. Mine was a huge success story, but it wasn't easy. There were tears and hard questions to answer, but it was worth it. They do not allow you to have a victim mentality ─ I practice this every day. It has been huge for me to finally be able to take ownership and control of my life.

I was so taken by the power of it all that, after coaching, I took the steps necessary to become certified in the FOM Methodology.

Would you recommend Frame of Mind Coaching™ to others? 

If you want to dream big, live a fuller life and reach big goals, do it. If you are ready to become who you deserve to be, do it. If you want more opportunities and success, you owe it to yourself to have an exploratory conversation with Frame of Mind Coaching.

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