This coaching workshop will change your life

FOM Methods is an interactive, personal, and transformative 3-day coaching workshop for those who want to step up their game as leaders and coaches.
coaching workshop

This coaching workshop will change your life

There are many coaching seminars out there. Because of that, it’s hard to tell which ones are “real” or conducted in good faith… and which ones are blasé, coaching sales pitches that don’t end up contributing meaningfully to your progress as a leader and a coach.

To help you decide if our coaching workshop is right for you—specifically, our coaching and leadership training program—we’d like to take this opportunity to explain its ins and outs. 

That workshop is called FOM Methods

(“FOM” is shorthand for Frame of Mind Coaching®, by the way, and it’s a philosophy of coaching that’s intense, intimate and designed to help you make progress rapidly by helping you shift your thinking to to live a life of ease, peace, exhilaration, fulfillment, and joy.) 

In one sentence, FOM Methods is a rapid, multi-day “coaching seminar” where we get a bunch of leaders together in a room and learn together how to overcome leadership challenges, improve our personal lives, AND coach others. 

With that said, it’s hard to sum up FOM Methods into just one sentence… so if you’re curious, here’s what it’s really like. 

Is FOM Methods like other coaching seminars?

“Coaching seminar” is probably the term you’d most closely associate with a session like FOM Methods, but it doesn’t even begin to describe the breadth and depth of how Methods works—the term is just too dry.

Unlike other programs, an FOM Methods session doesn’t inundate you with training videos, endless leaflets or other boring training content designed to feel rewarding without adding any real value to your life. We don’t use corporate jargon, and we definitely don’t focus on how much value you’re going to bring to your shareholders by participating in our program. 

Instead, FOM Methods is about learning to communicate with your team, tackling deep-seated personal and professional challenges you may not have been aware of, and making long-lasting connections with people who are equally as ambitious, authentic, and excited about coaching as you. 

How FOM Methods works

FOM Methods is an interactive, hands-on, personal and transformative 3-day workshop hosted by the President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching®, Kim Ades, and senior FOM Coaches, Becca Buttermore and Chari Schwartz. It’s designed for individuals—usually leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs—who want to step up their effectiveness as leaders and as coaches. 

Yes, that’s right: unlike other coaching seminars, when you walk away from FOM Methods, you’ll be taking home coaching skills with you, too. Not only will you be able to handle the unique challenges of your own professional environment with greater ease, but you’ll also be able to offer valuable coaching guidance to those you lead. 

Who attends FOM Methods?

We’ve hosted people from all industries and walks of life at FOM Methods. Here are just some of the companies whose leaders have attended Methods:

  • Microsoft 
  • RE/MAX
  • Keller Williams
  • Lawline
  • Deloitte
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Circle of Care
  • KAO
  • …and many more!

While we’re working with many executives of large companies, you don’t need to be one 

to get value from FOM Methods. We’ve also worked with journalists, therapists, small business owners, consultants, mid-level managers, and even young professionals looking to up their game. 

You don’t need to work for a specific company or come from a particular background to get the MOST out of FOM Methods—instead, you just need to be ready and eager to learn how to coach your people.

What makes FOM Methods different?

Maybe FOM Methods doesn’t sound different to you than other coaching workshops just yet—so let’s elaborate.

FOM Methods embodies trust, intimacy, and mutual connection. Those qualities are built into the foundation of the program, and they hold up its entire structure. Here are just some of the ways we prioritize those traits:

  • The days are jam-packed with activity: No one wants to be bored with training tutorials and textbooks of definitions. That’s why each day of Methods includes hands-on activities, team problem-solving, group coaching, interactive journaling and other thought-provoking tasks that keep you engaged, excited, and on your toes.
  • Learning continues outside the conference room: At FOM Methods, we don’t just learn about coaching in a single environment; we also incorporate social activities outside of a strict learning setting. We encourage coaching over lunch time, we take attendees out to dinner, we have breakout sessions in the lobby, and overall break the mold of classroom-style learning.
  • Friendships and connections are longstanding: The people you meet at FOM Methods may seem like networking connections at first… but you’ll quickly see them as much more than that. Methods graduates stay in touch for years, forging friendships that help reinforce the coaching principles and philosophies they’ve learned along the way. 
  • Receive coaching AND learn how to coach: At Methods, you receive coaching and you also learn how to coach using the Frame of Mind Coaching® methodology. Once you finish your Methods experience, you’ll be equipped with many of the skills of an FOM-Certified Coach. 

Who has FOM Methods helped?

We could go on and on about how great FOM Methods is… but wouldn’t you rather hear it from people who’ve attended it instead? Here are some testimonials from people who’ve had their lives changed at Methods.

  • “I learned so much at FOM Methods and can't wait to take it again in the future as I know there is so much I missed the first time around. My main takeaway that I will be sharing with my leadership team is the concept that a coach's role is not to hold her client or team member accountable as that is unethical because it creates a system of dependence. Rather a coach's purpose is to help her client keep her commitments and if necessary help her understand why she is struggling to do so.” — Michele Richman, Lawline
  • “FOM Methods is unlike any other training course I have attended. There is a great mixture of tears, laughter, fun and deep diving into the unique coaching method that is Frame of Mind Coaching®. It’s an amazing few days that will impact your life.” — Stuart Horton, University of Chicago
  • “It was an incredible, enlightening and emotional experience for me. The people that I met were fantastic, and it was the first time I got to meet my coach face-to-face. To have that opportunity to give them thanks in person for all the things that they’ve helped me with was very cool.” — Randy Barber, Proficio Partners
  • “FOM Methods was the best educational experience of my life. I look forward to immediately applying the coaching concepts and strategies with my clients. At FOM Methods, you develop relationships with your fellow students and fully see all of them with their hopes, dreams, challenges and hang-ups. Everyone is there to learn and improve their coaching skills. There's no competition or ego involved. I was initially concerned about a 3-day class, but the time flew by quickly. FOM Methods exceeded all my expectations.” — Allison Bough, Spark Nonprofit
  • “After being coached by Frame of Mind Coaching®, I wanted more. I wanted to learn more about the coaching philosophies and principles. I signed up and participated in FOM Methods and gained an education that was inspiring and eye opening. It is not just for the business leader or the person who is in a relationship, it is for anyone who wishes to dig deep and gain awareness and perspective in their lives in any and all aspects.” — Nancy Fisher

Want to read more testimonials from attendees? Be our guest :) 

Why should I sign up for FOM Methods?

If you’re not already convinced that FOM Methods is a completely different experience than other coaching workshops, you might just have to see it for yourself!

Our next FOM Methods session is from November 13 - 16, 2024, and we’re currently offering 15% off for anyone who registers this month (May 2024). Now is the best time to get a great deal on a life-changing program that can improve your personal and professional life while also strengthening your skills as a leader, coach, family member, and friend. 

Another reason to sign up now? It’s fun! FOM Methods is a blast, and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure your time with us is as thrilling and exciting as it is informative. 

Learn more about FOM Methods here or email to save your spot!

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