Coaching Can Turn Your Vision into Reality

Today, Melyssa Tremblay dives into how Frame of Mind Coaching can turn your vision into a reality.
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Coaching Can Turn Your Vision into Reality

We work with people from all different walks of life and from a wide variety of industries, yet they’re all leaders in their own environments. They actually all have these 4 traits in common:

1) They have significant goals to reach,

2) They want to be, do and have the finest that life has to offer,

3) They want to make a difference in the lives of others and

4) They are frustrated with their current status and are searching for improvement.

One of our clients, Melyssa Tremblay, had a huge vision for what her life could be, but she felt stuck. Here’s her story:

When I started my Frame of Mind Coaching™ journey, I was living with my aunt and dealing with some past traumas. I was seeing a therapist who helped me work through some deep issues caused by events over the span of my young life. Once I finished with that therapist, I felt a lot better and I was able to move on… but move on to what? How? 

Ever since I was 15 years old, I had a vision of what I wanted my life to look like. I could see it so vividly when I closed my eyes: 

I was happily married with a couple of kids, in a house I had designed and built with my husband. We were hard workers and highly successful. I worked from home in a beautiful office I created for myself. I had a wall of photos of all the people I had helped. My husband would come home from work with our kids he had picked up from school, while I had cooked dinner so we could all eat together. I traveled to third world countries often and my work allowed me to leverage my skills and gifts. I ran a combination of a for-profit business and a non-profit organization and that was clearly laid out in two sides of my office.

This vision led me from decision to decision concerning my future, but this vision was huge and I lacked the tools to move forward. I felt stuck. I didn’t know what I was good at. In fact, I didn’t believe I was good at anything. I struggled with terrible anxiety and the fear of being a disappointment to those close to me. The thought of taking a step forward paralyzed me.

I found out about Frame of Mind Coaching™ through my dad who had recently gotten coached, and that is when I met FOM Coach Becca. Little did I know that Becca would become such a big influence in my life. She asked me what I wanted out of life and I shared my vision with her. She walked me through the coaching process and reminded me that for this to be successful, I would have to be real and vulnerable, and she would be the same with me. 

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I opened up to Becca and she coached me through calls, through journaling prompts and by going above and beyond her duties as a coach. She used the methods she was taught by FOM Coaching. She genuinely cared, and I felt that. She inspired me, she encouraged me, she pushed me to take it step by step and she reminded me countless times that I could do it. She asked the tough questions. She believed in me in a way I had never felt before which allowed me to believe in myself. She helped me dig deep and understand my feelings about certain relationships and situations and how to make them work while staying true to who I am. 

That paralyzing fear of moving forward or making the wrong step slowly shrank and I began to be bold about what I wanted, where I was headed and who I was. As cliché as it may sound, Frame of Mind Coaching™ changed my frame of mind! 

Eventually, my coaching was done and I moved to Mexico for a university course, and Becca still called. She continued to call to make sure I was okay. When I graduated, Becca showed up. She flew all the way to Mexico and reminded me that I was worth it.

As I write about my experience with FOM Coaching, all I can think about is how one person, one coach made a difference in my life in a way no other person had before. While I had to do a lot of work to move forward, I could not have gotten to the place I am without her. She taught me that the most beautiful person I could be is myself and that I should fight for people to see that in themselves just like she did for me. 

My FOM Coaching experience was filled with hard internal work, a dedicated coach and a safe space to grow into who I am today. It is a platform that helped propel me to this point and for that, I am extremely grateful. I would recommend FOM Coaching to anyone who is considering it. FOM Coaches are dedicated to your growth and you will see your frame of mind flourish.

If you’re working your butt off but feel like you don’t have enough to show for it, if you’ve experienced great success yet know you haven’t reached your full potential and if you are frustrated with the results you’re generating and know that there must be a better way, please click here to contact us!

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