“It’s like putting an animal in a cage, and I was that animal thrown in the cage. I longed for the freedom that I had come to know and love … I was fighting to just be myself, and I think that’s what every single one of us should be fighting for every single day.”

-Sharon Farsijani, CEO and Co-Founder of Desert35 Fragrances

Being Your Authentic Self in a Restrictive Environment

Sharon Farsijani, CEO and Co-Founder of Desert35 Fragrances, shares her story of going from living a life of modernism and freedom in Brooklyn, New York to a life of restriction and religious extremism in Tehran, Iran as a teenager. Sharon also shares how that experience informed her decision to start her own fragrance company that allows people to design their own perfumes. Host Kim Ades shares her advice for dealing with the anxiety that can accompany business growth and new opportunities.

In this episode of Resilience Radio, we explore:

  • How to adjust to a culture shift.
  • Why Sharon decided to start her own company.
  • How Sharon grew her custom perfume business.
  • What to do when you are in an environment where you can’t be your authentic self.
  • How to deal with the anxiety of business growth and new opportunities.

Sharon is a former reporter and anchor, turned author, poet and perfume entrepreneur. She advocates for understanding cultural differences and providing opportunities to young women to realize their potential through education and awareness. She is also an avid dancer, tennis player and book enthusiast.

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