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Trap 4: Poor Decision Making

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Trap 4: Poor Decision Making

What’s the Trap?

In a fast-paced, high-pressure work environment, leaders can fall into the trap of making decisions that don’t feel quite right. They ignore their instincts and find themselves working with people whose morals, values, and vision clash with their own. In order to move forward on an initiative with speed and determination, they will unconsciously take action that is not quite a fit with their desired outcomes. Over time they begin to notice that they have made a series of decisions that cumulatively create a negative domino effect. These leaders often find themselves trapped between a rock and a hard place, compromising their personal values in favour of moving ahead professionally. They move at a rapid clip and often leave people in their dust. They spend a lot of time repairing the damage they have created in their personal relationships.

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What’s the Impact: At Work?

What’s the Impact: At Home?


Bill was excellent at sensing emerging trends and leveraging them at the right time. He attributed his success to moving quickly and being a person who was not afraid to make a decision. He was always on the leading edge of technology and made sure that his company stayed ahead of the rest. Over the past six weeks, he was completely focused on finalizing a strategic alliance that would have a significant impact on the bottom line. He made it his priority, and made a lot of sacrifices to make the deal happen. He missed the grand opening of his wife’s art studio and declined his best friend’s 40th birthday bash weekend. He was shocked when the owner of the company pulled the plug on the partnership at the last minute. Why did he commit so much of his time to this partnership? How didn’t he see the writing on the wall sooner? In retrospect, there were many indicators that their values were not aligned, but he wondered how he was blind to them all.

What's the Solution?

Extraordinary leaders don’t lose sight of what’s important to them. They make decisions that align with their priorities, and choose to work with others who operate the same way. Extraordinary leaders live by their organization’s principles each and every day – they keep their promises, treat their employees with respect, and act with integrity. While they are very skilled at finding and leveraging opportunities, they only do so when the opportunity is a true fit. They lead by example, making sure that the organization’s vision and values are understood, and shared, by all team members. At home, these leaders align themselves with a partner that shares the same moral grounding, and vision for their life and family. Decisions about how the family operates are made with confidence, because they are supported by a strong joint vision, and personal commitment. These types of leaders live their values with every fiber of their being – demonstrating that what matters to them is not only expressed in words but in deeds.

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