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Before coaching, I was expending a ton of energy, but I wasn’t getting anywhere. I didn’t know how to break free of this cycle. Coaching made me examine what I really wanted to be doing. Now that I only focus on what makes me happy, I’m still expending as much energy, but I enjoy it. I used to sacrifice my happiness for future benefits. Now, what I do today is the benefit. I still work towards greater, long-term outcomes, but I’m enjoying life on a daily basis.

- Taylor Jobe

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I had tried many other coaching styles, read books and listened to podcasts. I knew what I should be doing, but it wasn’t working. I didn’t feel like I could achieve anything and I didn’t see the point in trying. Within a few weeks of FOM Coaching, I had changed! All of a sudden, work was better and my relationships were better, not because they changed, but because I did. I would recommend FOM Coaching to every single person in the world! It is the only coaching program that allowed me to change for the better in the long-term.

- Beata Seweryn-Reid

The Frame of Mind Coaching tools have had a huge impact in helping me to overcome obstacles. I owe an extreme expression of gratitude to my coach for being instrumental in mentoring my business when the market crashed and my business was faltering. I was blaming the market. I was doing everything the same as before, but not getting any results. My coach put me back into making six figures a year doing sales in real estate after doing nothing the year before. It was a huge turn around. Everything I learned has been good for my business life and personal life. It has helped me with my kids, my family and my girlfriend.

- Paul Fedynich

I was in a bad place at work and I was exhausted. I also felt that I needed more clarity and to redefine my path. [Through coaching] I learned to reinterpret events and to assume that others always had a positive intent. It helped me heal, move forward and regain a very purposeful path towards a new career. If you want more opportunities and success, you owe it to yourself to have an exploratory conversation with Frame of Mind Coaching.

- Amy Hawke

I used to have a hard time building professional relationships. I would stay quiet and not talk, or focus on only work. I felt that had been holding me back in my career and was preventing me from realizing my full potential. Through coaching, we identified what thoughts and beliefs were holding me back. Now, I am more aware of my moods and my thoughts. I have been able to build more meaningful relationships. I've noticed improvements in my performance and how I show up as well. It's as if the real me is more visible and I am no longer hiding inside.

- Matthew Gaglio

My first experience with coaching was in high school as a junior biathlete in the Minnesota National Guard Jr program. I learned how a good coach can see things you can't see and can provide feedback and critical support for helping to achieve your goals faster and easier. When I hired Frame of Mind Coaching, I saw how that same coaching relationship can help with all aspects of your business and your life. My coach asked tough questions that made me think and pushed me to consider my logic and beliefs carefully. By uncovering deeper scripts and assumptions and challenging those, I found the areas in my life that were out of alignment and created new directions for the future. I still use many of the same techniques and tools that I learned in coaching.

- Bruce Eckfeldt

I had been journaling online for almost two years with Frame of Mind Coaching when I finally started the incredible journey of 1-on-1 coaching. My coach is talented and knows when to challenge, when to support, when to question, when to teach and when to move forward. I transformed myself, my past, my future and my life with my coach’s leadership. I now have the tools to coach myself. Expect a better, enhanced, focused, more powerful you and a bright, limitless future from any experience with Frame of Mind Coaching.

- Amy McGrath

Coaching taught me that I was constantly anticipating negative behavior from my parents, and so that’s what I was getting from them. I realized that regardless of what my parents say, I don't have to take it on. I can just accept them for who they are. Coaching also helped me become more hands-off and more respectful of my children’s ability to make choices and handle the outcomes. I’ve learned to just be here for the people in my life and to support them. I’m much more relaxed and at peace.

- Wanda Slater

Last year, a good friend told me about her experience with Frame of Mind Coaching. She encouraged me to consider working with a coach to hash out my goals and work toward achieving them. I could see the impact that coaching had on my friend, and thought that someday, when the time was right, my budget was in order, and the stars were aligned, I would embark a personal journey myself through coaching. As I waited for the perfect time, some of the worst times began. Every major point on my life’s compass seemed to be spinning out of control, and I intermittently felt frantic and paralyzed. It was at this time - before the perfect time - that I decided to begin coaching. My coach is a thoughtful and warm person who generously shared her insights and experience, not to tell me what to do, but to help me navigate on my own. I felt that her approach was tailored to me, and fit where I was emotionally, professionally and even physically. She took time to help me deconstruct my issues, and challenged me take novel approaches to handling them. She incorporated ideas from influential thinkers and sparked my own thoughts, which I was able to pull apart and rearrange on the pages of my journal. The combination of her guidance and insights and my ongoing journaling changed my heart and mind.

- Tamara Boykin-Wilcox

I came to Frame of Mind Coaching because I was interested in seeing how journaling might impact my growth as an individual. I've had other coaches previously and I experienced some growth with them as well, but not to the same extent. I was surprised by how much my coach seemed to be invested in my growth. I was doing well prior to this coaching experience, however, there were many areas in my life where my negative self thoughts were holding me back. My coach questioned my negative beliefs and helped me to see where they came from. She also helped me to refocus my energy on what I did want in life rather than what I don't want. I asked my VP to send me to the next level of training with Frame of Mind Coaching. She enthusiastically approved it. She said that she's noticed a big change in me - more confidence - and she was trying to figure out what was making the difference. I have really enjoyed my coaching experience and, looking back over my journal and notes, I can see that I have made a significant amount of progress over the last 10 weeks.

- Alisa Ivory Smith

[Frame of Mind Coaching] was transformational for me. It shone a lot of light on the thinking patterns that were holding me back. I used to tell myself, “this is just the way I am” or “this is how I was raised.” Coaching helped me realize that I have more control over my thinking than that. My confidence has shot up exponentially. This is not like other coaching programs. It’s really intense, in-depth and enlightening.

- Dinis Prazeres

When [my son] had outbursts and acted in ways that I didn’t want him to, I felt like I didn’t know how to parent him and I blamed myself for not knowing how. I also felt like other parents judged us. FOM Coaching changed all that. My coach did an amazing job of helping me discover who I wanted to be as a mom. She took a really big load off my shoulders in helping me understand that I could choose to stop being hard on myself, and that I just needed to be a loving mother. It was a huge hurdle for me to overcome.

- Jaqueline Paquin Robert

This is a simple note of thank you to an amazing company and powerful group of leaders. I have had the fortune of working in the personal development industry for 16 years now, and it is rare to come across a unique concept that not only works but that exceeds expectations. The personal development industry has grown extensively in the coaching arena over the last few years, and I have found it very difficult to find the best. Frame of Mind Coaching is clearly at the top to me. What has made the biggest difference is the blend of JournalEngine™ Software and high quality coaches. Through my coaching journey with Frame of Mind Coaching, my relationships with my family and my career have grown by leaps and bounds. The power in writing my thoughts down daily and being coached through a guided program gave me multiple ways to look at situations, review and apply what I was learning. I highly recommend FOM Coaching to anyone looking for that edge in life or business. It gave me the push and direction to take the action my life needed. Being successful in anything in life is so often about being open to someone else’s perspective - that way I can clearly see my own. Above anything else, you have helped me see my own.

- Eric McGrath

I was able, for the first time, to see that I was important and that my needs matter. My new self-respect helped me in my business as well as my personal life. My coach helped me define integrity. I’m worth this work and investment and I chose happiness instead of being right all the time. My coach asked me often, “do you want to be happy or right?” These few words woke me up. After 10 weeks, I was able to move on. I am a great mom and my kids see that, especially once I released my guilt about divorcing. I was able to move my business forward. It is totally different and flourishing. I’m important and doing great and it feels wonderful!

- Leslie Tucker

Coaching opened up a whole new way of looking at myself. It showed me that I was feeling so stuck because I was holding myself prisoner. I had bought into some very mistaken beliefs that I had been introduced to very early in my life. I had wrapped myself around them to the point where I was trapped by them. Coaching challenged those beliefs and allowed me to develop a belief system that lets me do what I want, when I want.

- Kathryn Dinspel-Powell

Frame of Mind Coaching has reawakened the person in me that had been dormant for years. I had almost forgotten what it was like to feel alive. It’s hard to admit that I had been living under a blanket for so long. I don’t even know where I got off track. I now seem to have a stronger sense of awareness of the world around me and a stronger presence. Now I have this certain mindfulness about how I am seeing and processing the world. … I just needed the right person to nudge me.

- Michael Olesen

I had lost all my confidence in absolutely every aspect of my life. I had previously worked for myself for twenty years, so having to take a job working for someone else felt like an extreme set back. Thanks to coaching, I am now back to working for myself, in real estate, fulltime. And I am a lot more positive. I have tried to be a positive person my whole life, but before, I was faking it. Now I actually feel positive when I interact with people. I really can’t say enough good things about FOM Coaching!

- Deb Staley

My thoughts are ignited. I am conscious of the choices that I make throughout the day. This is a very powerful experience. It is incredible to put my thoughts down – to take the time to think about how I feel and to notice my actions and reactions. I love reading the public journals of others that are on their journeys as well; their inner quests are inspiring and I feel connected. It’s a very supportive environment.

- Jacqui Markowitz

There are certain people who have an uncanny ability to cut to the core of your problems. They're able to identify problems you didn't even know you had. Kim Ades and the Frame of Mind Coaching philosophy have opened my eyes to new possibilities that have made an immediate impact on how I do business and will drive increased revenue.

- Jim Harshaw

I am writing this letter with the utmost gratitude. Working with my coach has been an amazing experience that I wish many people can have at least once in their life time. Before starting the program, I felt confused, lost and angry about my personal situation. My coach has shown me the importance of developing a positive perspective in any situation or problem in life. This may seem like a simple concept, but when blinded by the conditioning of everyday life, it can be easily forgotten. Reframing your thoughts is easier said than done. My coach has provided me with the tools for a new way of looking at life and understanding the importance of self-improvement. Her dedication and personality cultivates love and trust - both necessary ingredients to inspire personal change and form a deep bond. Thank you for everything, I can never repay you for everything you have done. The least I can do is to write to someone how wonderful you are.

- Alex Arevalo

The key that my coach provided me with was to not get frustrated over things that I cannot control. This approach is the opposite of how I’ve been wired all these years. My coach is extraordinary at helping people align their beliefs with their objectives, and it has helped me take ownership of my emotions and my reactions. My coach helped me find balance between setting high standards for myself and others, and dealing with others when those standards aren’t met. My coach was incredible at being honest, but not brutal.

- Tony Cole

Coaching helped me ask myself, “What are my values? Where do I feel stuck?” I know myself better now and I have more confidence. When something isn’t going super well, I remember the FOM Principles and they give me the resilience to work through it. I have never seen this much progress occur this quickly using any other method.

- Jessica Schwartz

I was at a crossroads in life. I was growing a new company. I was going through a divorce. I was in the process of moving cities. I’m also a stage four cancer patient and I fly to New York every two weeks for treatment. So there was a lot of flux in my life. It was tremendously helpful to have someone to be a partner in working out my different challenges. It was almost like having a good board member to report to; my coach gave me advice, pointed out different ways in which I could think about things, was truly honest and shared my victories with me. Ever since coaching, I am more deliberate with my thoughts and my actions.

- John Shumate

I was doing work that I wanted to do, but I was frustrated with my company’s lack of growth. I was also taking care of my elderly mother, which demanded tons of my time and emotion. In addition to that, I was in a romantic relationship that wasn’t going anywhere. With so much going on, I didn’t know where to place my energy. Frame of Mind Coaching helped me create clarity in my life. It taught me to constantly define my vision, and to refine it or make it bigger when needed. It’s been really energizing asking myself: what’s my vision, do I need to alter it, and is it big enough? It keeps me in the conversation about what I want for my future.

- Nancy Knauf

It is very easy to write a testimonial right after a course ends and while you’re feeling good about what you have learned, journaled about and discovered about yourself. But a true testimonial comes weeks or months later when what you have learned becomes a conscious reflection, more than you ever thought that it would. My coach listened well, asked thought-provoking questions, gave constructive advice and knew just the right amount to communicate without being invasive. So often, I hear his advice in the back of my mind when I am faced with troubling situations, and I am able to move in a better direction as a result of the perspectives he shared. I have read many books, listened to tapes and have always been intrigued by how our minds work. The material in this program seemed to impact me more than anything I have experienced in the past. I would highly recommend Frame of Mind Coaching to anyone who may be open to growing a new perspective on life. It makes so much sense.

- Jeanne D’Ottavi

It's been years since Kim and I finished our last coaching conversation and yet the impact has not diminished. I recently listened to our first recorded call, and I was reminded how utterly lost I used to feel. I was drowning in a high-profile corporate leadership role. I knew I needed a change but couldn't see how to do that. Once she and I connected, I decided I was worth "saving." I jumped in head first and do not regret it. After only a few sessions, I could see more clearly, built a plan, worked it fearlessly and now, am experiencing my designed life. I hit all my goals, surpassed some, built my successors and changed to a position to do what I love every day, with my company's support. Truly, the practice Kim helped me develop has sustained me. My view of the world and how I manage my experience was transformed. Those conversations, in tandem with the journaling made the experience more efficient and with my overwhelming responsibilities, effectiveness was an imperative. I use the essence of my coaching experience every day.

- Carla Webb

I was recently divorced and feeling pretty bad about how my decision affected my children. I believed that the divorce meant that I was a bad mother, that I had let my children down, that they were doomed to struggle and that others must be thinking that I was selfish and bad at relationships. Coaching helped me see that the pain I was experiencing was because of the story I was telling myself about the divorce, not the divorce itself. One day, my coach asked me, “Who told you that you weren’t a good mother because you got divorced?” In that moment, I got it. I had invented this story, given it a ton of weight and made myself feel guilty. This realization was so freeing and powerful. It totally changed my outlook on my future and my children’s future.

- Lynn Mesterhazy

I was at a point where I felt so frustrated, depressed, anxious, grouchy, and I couldn't get my head around it. My negative thinking was so bad that I couldn't figure out how to change it. After working with my coach, I feel like a new person. My thoughts are focused on what I want and the direction I want to go in. I think it will be a continuous process, but I am now equipped to correct those negative thoughts when they creep in. When I had my first call with Kim, I felt so out of control and now I feel better than I ever have. Thank you to my coach for all your support and confidence!!

- Tawni Maxwell

I used shut down or ‘check out’ in relationships with the belief that I’m not important and my opinion doesn’t matter. Coaching has taught me to trade up that thinking. The biggest change is that I’m learning to be present, accounted for and in the moment. I also approach my day to day work with a much more positive mindset and am more engaged. As a result, a couple of new opportunities have opened up that I am really enjoying. Coaching has got my life back on track.

- Stuart Horton

I had the pleasure of working with the Frame of Mind Coaching program. My coach and I are in the same industry, so he could easily relate to my current issues in real estate. His ability to touch the core issues would allow him to work with anybody in any profession. I feel so much more at ease at work and at home and I know the outcome of this coaching will forever allow me to enjoy the benefits.

- Gary Harlow

Before coaching, I was expending a ton of energy, but I wasn’t getting anywhere. I didn’t know how to break free of this cycle. Coaching made me examine what I really wanted to be doing. Now that I only focus on what makes me happy, I’m still expending as much energy, but I enjoy it. I used to sacrifice my happiness for future benefits. Now, what I do today is the benefit. I still work towards greater, long-term outcomes, but I’m enjoying life on a daily basis.

- Taylor Jobe

By changing myself, other people are changing around me in amazing ways. [Coaching taught me] that when you see people in a better light, they perform better. For example, I learned that I can’t yell at my kids to get them to calm down − I need to demonstrate it instead. I can be much more effective by modeling the behavior I want to see in others.

- Jonathan Robert

My coach and I shared common roles as real estate managers and coaches, and he was able to understand all the “hats” I was wearing. His genuine, warm style allowed me to move forward in a new direction with the help of his intuitive, compelling coaching. Compassionate and funny, he allowed for feelings but held me to the course in a caring, as well as challenging and tenacious manner. A person of vision, my coach excels at coaching and leadership and has a true gift of containing his belief in his client so they can embrace it for themselves.

- Denise Ackerman

Before coaching, my life was hectic and stressful. It felt as though I was constantly putting out a fire, and rushing to the next issue. Everything was collapsing around me, and my main focus was pushing it all back so that I had some space. Through coaching, once I was able to address the issues that were actually there, I stopped viewing them as issues, and rose above them.

- J.P.

My coach tuned into my reality right away and was able to immediately target key issues. This is one of the BEST, most worthwhile, intelligent, life changing, transformative and fundamental decisions I have ever made. During the 10 weeks we worked together, I was challenged, pushed and listened to with the most attentive and patient ear. My coach guided me, helped me and provided me with the most necessary life tools I will ever come across. We explored together and examined layer upon layer of emotions, feelings and thoughts I was experiencing. We broke everything down and she guided me to use my thoughts and mind to see EVERYTHING through a new lens. I learned that I am the creator of my reality, that I control my thoughts and that all I need to do is be aware and CONSCIOUS. These tools have provided me with a new reality. I feel confident, happy, full of love, inspired, full of meaning, successful. I have tapped into my true potential and realized my inner power and abilities. I feel grateful, full of life and energy, talented, balanced, real, authentic and full of inner peace. This ‘personal investment’ allowed me to create the life I want! I will forever be grateful for the work, help, wisdom, guidance, love, dedication and care that Frame of Mind Coaching has given me.

- E.D.

A huge shout out to my coach. God has truly given her a gift and she totally got inside my head, which is a scary task or it used to be anyway. Before coaching, I was in a constant state of worry, overwhelmed, unsure of my steps and un-trusting of my decisions. I was hopeless. Now, I am much more peaceful in my mind. I don't worry, and if something does pop in my head that isn't serving me, I have the tools to manage it so I don't get stuck. I am only responsible for my own thoughts and actions. When we started working together, my coach asked me on a scale of 1 to 10 how clear I was on my purpose. I rated it as a 2. Today she asked me the same question and I rated it as a 10! Thank you for giving me the most amazing and precious tools ever to help me change the truths in my head. What we focus on grows for sure. My life has changed forever in the most amazing way.

- Angee Robertson

My frame of mind is excellent! After a rough winter and spring, I found my home. I moved my business back to my hometown and joined Century 21 and am currently in the top 10 in an office of 55 agents! Wow! What a turnaround in just 3 months. Frame of Mind Coaching helped me to make these decisions and open my mind to what was/is really around me. I knew after finishing that I had what it takes to succeed and just had to put things into play. I am now surrounded by hard working professionals in an office that supports each other and constant personal development. I was also able to shift my mindset to change my lifestyle and eating habits. I made the commitment to get healthy and so far I have shed 30 lbs. and feel fantastic (and look even better)! If you commit to this coaching, it will work for anyone.

- Frankie Dean

Once coaching taught me to focus on all the good stuff that was already there, I really started to see a difference in my life. I’m no longer miserable or scared of life and the future. I still don’t have many of the things that I want, but what I do have is the happiness and the mental capacity to understand that it’s there and that if I focus on it, it does indeed grow. Coaching was really instrumental in grounding me and reminding me of how wonderful things can be and really, truly are.

- Grady Moredock

I can only use one word to fully define my experience with Frame of Mind Coaching – “transformational.” The knowledge I gained enhanced my understanding of myself and what it is I truly desire from the universe. I have gained insight into a deeper level of my thoughts and feelings and I am now united to powers of the universe that I never knew existed. FOM Coaching has enlightened me to a higher level of understanding, knowledge and state of mind. I have a new found commitment to my success, my dreams and my life. It has brought me onto a path of absolute freedom, self-awareness and undying love for myself, the universe and the energy that connects us all.

- Francesca Soldano

I was in a place in my business where I was trying all these things and it just wasn’t working. I didn’t think it was my tactics - I thought it was me. I also have two young kids, and felt that my business was taking over my life. Coaching really helped boost my self-confidence, and helped me identify what is most valuable to me and how to be my authentic self. It really gave me a handle on my business and how I spend my time. I’m right on track and my profits have almost doubled. It’s also been a lot more pleasurable. I’ve had a steady stream of incoming prospects, and I had never had that before.

- Michelle Robin

Before coaching, I was stuggling to find purpose and direction in my life. I was angry and frustrated with work and didn't know what I wanted to do. I was looking at my family and relationships with old feelings of guilt, abuse and remorse. I was always looking to others to fulfill my need to be a fixer. I was inundated with their lives and my work, and took little time for myself. Through coaching, I now see how important it is to align my thoughts and beliefs so that I can get the results I desire and deserve. Coaching has taught me to pivot to what I want and know that it will come to me. It has taught me to focus more on progress in my relationships rather than on perfection. It has also helped me realize what is mine to own and what I can now let go of. As a result, I am a freer and happier person and am putting myself first on the priority list. I am asking myself to be honest in my relationships every day, to forgive and to move on. I am now clearer in my direction for the future. Talking this through in a guided manner with a stellar coach made all of the difference.

- Chari Schwartz

I learned a lot about myself while working through coaching. In a few short weeks, I was able to identify thoughts and beliefs that I was hanging onto from my past that no longer had a purpose in the present. I developed a greater awareness of self and increased resilience. During the course, my mindset shifted, which prompted a shift in my priorities as well. My focus became activities that created value or had additional meaning in life rather than those things that I did simply for the sake of doing. This course taught me to be much more patient and accepting of others for who they are, rather than who I think they should be. As a result, my relationships have been greatly improved — with my child, with my husband and with my co-workers. My mental muscle is stronger and I am now able to identify thoughts and behaviors where I am getting in my own way of being the best person I can be. My coach was fantastic; encouraging and inspiring… and ready to help you reach your greatest potential!

- Nicole Schwegler

I used to prioritize my work over my health and my family. I was taking on way too much, being reactive to other people’s needs, and feeling physical symptoms of stress. Since this was an ongoing problem for me that I hadn’t been able to solve with other forms of coaching, this time, I really wanted to do something that would make a difference to my thinking, my beliefs and my behavior. Since coaching, I say “no” to things that don’t energize me, and “yes” to things that light me up. I don’t check my emails until I’ve done what is important to me each morning. I also shut the computer down and stop checking my phone much earlier in the day. My coach helped me see that this was possible and gave me the tools I needed to make it happen. She advised me to put a bit of vacation into every day. I feel like I do that now. It’s wonderful!

- Helen Iwata

Life was pretty messy for me; business was down, massive debt, a personal relationship that just wasn’t working. Because of this coaching program and writing in my journal every day, literally everything in my life has changed. It’s amazing how much one person can accomplish with a focused, powerful mind.

- Pat Bocchicchio

I was severely depressed and paralyzed with anxiety. I actually had to take a four week leave of absence from work. I now am having happier days; the anxiety has largely subsided and I have been able to resume my life and daily activities. I have started being the kind of father I should be to my boys again. I even auditioned for a local play and actually got one of the four available parts; I have never acted in my life. But the greatest effect has been that as I have learned to put my true self "out there." Other people have started to respond to me more positively. It turns out that people really like who I really am, not the alter egos I used to portray. It just seems like things have really started to take an overall positive turn in my life. I have, for the first time in my life, finally realized that I am a pretty decent guy whom people really seem to like. I have had a few great coaches in my life. My wrestling coaches who were great men who helped to forge my life character. They were men who have received actual hall of fame status in recognition of their great and tireless work in touching the lives of boys and helping them grow into men. But I now consider my life coach Becca, the equal of any of them, or even greater. She belongs to a very small and exclusive list written in my heart.

- David Strejc

Great leaders inspire greatness. I was introduced to Kim through a young woman who I had mentored. I was going through professional challenges and for the first time in my life, I wanted to get a perspective from the outside. All I can say is WOW!! My conversations with Kim and journaling has helped me see my ”vision within a framework,” both professionally and personally, as well as put me on the road to achieving it. During this journey, Kim has introduced me to a network of quality people that I have gleaned additional knowledge from. Kim is like her own LinkedIn for people who are connected through a common thread of aspiring to inspire.

- Ginny Hershey-Lambert

Prior to coaching, when I faced indecision, I would put it on the backburner. I was in a constant state of anxiety. Coaching turned that all around. I am now able to think about my workload in such a positive way. I find myself extremely productive and able to clearly focus on what is in front of me. It was a fantastic experience. You own your own development, and this whole process was developmental in nature. I’m so glad that I did this. If you don’t invest in yourself, no one will.

- Terrie Peters

I’m very pleased to write a few words about my experience with Frame of Mind Coaching. I have been coaching business owners for 10 years now, and I’m always on the lookout for great coaches to coach me. FOM Coaching and their unique ideas around using a journal to coach with immediately caught my interest. My coach was able to make amazing insights into the way my thoughts were affecting my outcomes. The journaling kept me engaged and re-listening to the recordings of our sessions allowed me to leverage each conversation to its fullest. I am forever grateful for the path my coach helped set me on, and I would highly recommend Frame of Mind Coaching to anyone who is serious about raising their own awareness and making powerful improvements in their lives.

- Clint Best

Frame of Mind Coaching is a great experience. It adds to the amazing journey called life. My coach was unlike any other – extremely dedicated, very compassionate, totally real and amazingly focused. The skills that Frame of Mind Coaching has provided me with go far beyond what I signed up for. I am able to utilize these practices in my daily life and even teach some of the concepts to my teenagers. Thank you for offering a wonderful learning experience.

- Melanie Tinianov

I have realized the potential of my dreams and become an active pursuer of those dreams. My relationships have improved, my life has taken a dramatic upswing and I feel better. The key is not how other people see me, it’s how I see myself. I now think differently.

- Allan Friedman

Before coaching, I was angry, bitter and sinking more into depression. I was in a state of desperation and knew I needed to change, but wasn't sure how to make it happen. My coach was awesome and brought a lot of things to the surface that I needed to confront and deal with. I learned to forgive myself of the guilt that was weighing down on me, and I also got to a point where I was no longer feeling raw wounds from a broken marriage. I had a lot of healing take place. My coach went above and beyond to give me the best experience. Coaching went longer than 10 weeks due to some postponed calls, and she even allowed me to journal in that time! I felt that she actually cared about me as a person and not just a client to make money from.

- Deb Stout

When I was younger, I was extremely shy. I went into my first career as a computer programmer because I wanted to keep to myself. I had since broken out of that mentality, but I was still calling myself shy. Coaching helped me realize that’s not me anymore. I’ve made progress that I was never able to make before.

- Angela Myers

Frame of Mind Coaching was life changing! I will be recommending this to everyone I know. I was not the kind of person who likes to express emotions. I absolutely didn’t want a shrink or someone to sit me down and tell me everything I am doing wrong with life. After my initial coaching call, I realized that this is something completely different, something special. You will get everything you are dreaming of out of this course, because it is all dependent on you. What you give is what you get. They are not throwing out generic ideas, quotes and practices at you. They are challenging you to look at life from a different angle. I started noticing things that I used to just pass by or brush off. It is amazing to me how closed my eyes were to life and things around me. I was shown my strengths, pushed out of my comfort zone and life will never be the same again.

- Shannon O’Kelly

I now awaken every day consciously expecting good things. I expect blessings. I expect people to like me. Whatever walls I had around me are gone now. I expect great things in my finances and relationships. I expect to fulfill every dream and desire that’s in my heart. I expect great health, a continuously healthy body. I expect to be brought out of any challenge better than I was before.

- Julie Rahm

As an overachiever, type “A” personality and a “man-who-does-too-much,” I’ve been very successful in my professional endeavors. But then those assets become the true challenge. As I tried to take my career and life to the next level, I found myself in unfamiliar territory where self-doubt made me question all of my actions and decisions and impacted my self-confidence. Being a manager of one of the offices for the top Coldwell Banker Affiliate in New Jersey, handling clients' investments as an owner of a property management company and balancing a home life – those challenges mounted. Even the people closest to me – my family, staff and superiors – were finding me hard to get along with. My state of mind was affecting my leadership abilities and I needed a change. The Frame of Mind Coaching process helped me analyze the thoughts I had that were responsible for self-doubt. I learned how to redirect, focus on goals, eliminate self-doubt and re-establish my confidence. The awareness I gained from coaching helped me to again achieve huge successes; specifically being awarded 2007 Manager of the Year, a prestigious award in my company. But most importantly, all of my relationships grew deeper. This has been an incredible and priceless experience for me.

- Dave Gorham

My life has done a 180-degree turn. I am much more capable of having conversations with my husband. We had a good relationship before, but now it’s great and I can speak up. I no longer feel like I need to earn my place with him; I now know that I’m his equal. I’m also more confident in every area of my life. I used to feel like I had to earn my place in my friendships too, but now I exude confidence in my friendships and relationships. I’m even speaking at events now as opposed to wishing that I could and feeling too afraid to do it.

- Cary Mac Arthur

There were four key areas of my life that weren’t how I wanted them to be. It was like having four balls bouncing out of sync and in the wrong directions. Certain key areas had become sources of stress, and I needed to take the reins back. Coaching enabled me to do that. I have much more control over the way my day flows and it’s inspiring.

- Adam J. Levinter

FOM Coaching has had a tremendous impact on my life. The principles freed me from long held counter-productive thoughts and beliefs that were holding me back from what I really wanted. I was truly challenged to question how I viewed the world and my interactions with others. Ultimately, any progress is completely up to me, but my coach spurred me into taking action to improve my life.

- Kevin Faherty

Coaching has been transformational for me. I started coaching with clear objectives and goals that I wanted to achieve. My coach helped me build a framework to make decisions. I also wanted to improve communication with the people I work with. At one point in the past, management came easy to me. Working in my present position, I didn’t have the same level of confidence in what I was doing. Over the course of the 10 weeks, a number of events occurred that made me realize that I really knew what I was doing. It was very empowering and my renewed confidence has transferred to other areas of my life. My coach asked the right questions - ones that provoked more thought out of me. Working with FOM Coaching has been one of the best educational experiences I’ve ever had.

- Dave Foley

I was experiencing an extreme amount of stress surrounding work. I was in a really fragile state and was questioning my career choice altogether. Coaching helped me realize that I’ve always been on the right track. Work has never been better. I learned to have patience when I don’t have all the information I need and to have calmness among the chaos. ... I used to boil over, whereas now I can catch myself before I even start to bubble.

- Marissa Schwartz

Going through a marital separation/divorce after a long unhappy marriage, I had years of emotional and mental weight. My own mind was like trying to get through a mine field that would spiral into a pit of hopelessness that would last for weeks. I knew I was my own worst enemy and everyday was a fight against myself. I had no peace of mind and I was plagued with doubts and unclear thinking. I couldn’t go back and I couldn’t move forward. The coaching I received was more intimate and probing than I had ever expected. Through the process, doubts just evaporated. I am now confident in my decisions and I am connected to myself as the person I am meant to be. I have peace of mind, emotional resilience and a joy and zest for life... bring it on!! This was an amazing process that has directed me to be a willing participant in life.

- Pauline

I joined Frame of Mind Coaching because I knew I needed to do something differently to get my real estate career on track. I was a top producing agent in California for years until I moved to Hawaii! I had only closed a couple of transactions each year, and I saw my savings rapidly depleting. I was depressed. Here I was, living in the place of my dreams, but I couldn’t get out of my funk. I knew how to sell real estate, but clearly my funk was spilling over into all of my relationships and turning prospects away. With the help of Frame of Mind Coaching, I learned how to redirect my thoughts and pull myself out of my funk, and create an emotional resiliency so that I don’t let life’s adversity bring me down. By the end of the 10 weeks, I had opened 3 deals in a row in back to back to back weeks. I have also received 2 more referrals and a past client is moving to Maui and buying a condo! I’m grateful for the guidance from Frame of Mind Coaching. ... An excerpt from Joanne’s week 10 journal: I am very happy with the person I am and really have been. I just got off track there for a while and stuck. I do understand what happened to cause it and know now how to change my thoughts – to make things better for me.

- Joanne Foxxe

I had taken on a time-consuming business development type of role at work. I felt uncomfortable and I wasn’t sure what I was doing. [Since FOM Coaching], I show up with purpose. I know what my role is and I’m comfortable with it. I learned how to react in situations I found stressful, I learned how to feel powerful and I learned how to own my decisions.

- Will Baumgardner

I always have felt things would be better when I got to a certain part of my life and returned back to “normal.” I was at the mercy of the waves of life and sometimes I would be knocked down repeatedly by those waves. I always felt as if I was yelling at everyone, biting their heads off (or wanting to) and stressed. I always felt overwhelmed with “stuff.” Having overwhelming feelings as I wasn’t enough, no matter how much effort and energy put forth. I started off with a set goal in mind of focusing on what I wanted from my personal business as a sexual health consultant and my professional business as an Operating Room nurse manager. I was able to realize that my businesses were not the issue; it was me in my own way. Unlike other courses, it was not just feel-good fluff. It could be raw, gritty, sad, content, peaceful, frustrating, eye-opening, funny and enlightening; the gamut of feeling and emotions all wrapped into 10 weeks. My coach was warm, understanding, funny and strong. My coach pushed the participants deeper into their thoughts to unearth all the goodness and wisdom that lies deep within.

- Jilian McDermott

My introduction to Frame of Mind Coaching was through a series of friends that have had a positive experience; each in their own unique way. I was at a point in my life that I needed to become independent, trust myself and provide positive energy to move forward in all aspects of my life! In a nutshell, I needed to rediscover ME and I wasn’t sure how to do that. FOM Coaching was an outstanding choice. My coach and I shared a lot of laughter, compassion and tears around my life history and my present way of thinking. My coach provided strength and tough discussion where I needed it, but also pulled out hidden aspects of my life that did affect my daily frame of mind and ultimately helped me discover and dismantle roadblocks that I needed to overcome. The journal process is the key. My coach was able to read entries that provided so much insight into areas that needed focus. The big discovery for me was how other areas of my life affected my ability to move forward. Once the roadblocks were removed, it was a domino effect. I have to say that the investment is well worth the return. You are worth your weight in gold! My coach truly has the wisdom, compassion and understanding to take you where you need to be. You are awesome!

- David Smith

My coach created a safe place for me to pour out my heart, my soul, my mind, my crap, my everything. Thank you for being someone I can trust, a person I can share my most intimate thoughts with, without feeling judged. When we started this journey together, I felt the most vulnerable I have ever felt in my entire life… and you, your love, your support, your generosity, your attentiveness, your desire to contribute to my life and help me heal was everything I could ever ask for, and much more. Your guidance has been given with a tender love and you made it easy for me to receive. I felt and I continue to feel safe with you - thank God for that - it has helped me close the past. My faith has been restored, and by having a safe place to practice with you, I’ve come to accept that I can have that deep, intimate connection that I long for with other people. It’s been so liberating for me to just be me, to share everything with you and for you to reflect back to me in your honesty that you see what I see: a powerful woman. Thank you for being so attentive and picking up on the subtleties… my blind-spots… and bringing them to light for me to see. Thank you for acknowledging my efforts and my successes. Thank you for waking me up and telling me to stop hiding behind the learning. That is huge. I feel healed, balanced and peaceful within. I am back home! I would have never expected all this in 10 weeks and I know it’s not over. I know that I have been putting in 100% into this process and this is all happening because of what I’m putting in, however, I also realize that I have been blessed, and I am grateful that you are there to help me down this path. Thank you for who you are, what you do and what you give. You are a wonderful person and coach, and I am honored to call you my friend.

- Adi Tamam

I feel more confident in myself. I have significantly changed the way I think as well as the way I handle difficult situations, with a lot less stress and much more success. I no longer focus and dwell on what I construe as a “jab” at me. I collect my thoughts and assess the situation before reacting in a “knee jerk” sort of way. I empathize more with others. I have become much better at accepting the things that I cannot change and noticing what those things are. Probably the most distinct change is how I now have the power over my thoughts and when I make a conscious effort to shift my thought process in a more positive, productive way, my results with the people I interact with are much more effective. I know I have control over my life. I know that the better I take care of myself, the better I can take care of my children. I know that no matter how bleak or hopeless things may appear, I have the power to change it around for the better.

- Jenni Masson

I had never really considered having a coach or participating in a coaching program. After all, I was a very motivated, Type A personality who was a passionate business leader and successful entrepreneur. I prided myself on the strength of my drive and determination to accomplish anything put in front of me. This was until I started a new mortgage business. Self-doubt and anxiety set in. One day, I participated in a Frame of Mind Coaching conference call. Something about the success principles outlined in that call inspired me to register. Perhaps there was something holding me back from accomplishing even more than I realized. My coach’s incredible depth of insight and supportive, caring leadership led me through a life altering transition in 10 weeks. My life has been transformed both in business and personally into a more rewarding, more peaceful and more prosperous life! My close relationships have deepened and will continue to grow. My business is thriving and will continue to prosper. Thanks to your program and my coach’s remarkable guidance, I am more in control of my life than ever before. My life has improved with the help of these powerful techniques. What can I say, it was more than I ever expected!

- Barbara E. Smith

Frame of Ming Coaching will have you think in ways you have not done before, challenge you in ways you didn't think possible, and, if you let it, transform your life.

- Randy Barber

I expected to experience some results just from talking with my coach, but nothing of this caliber. I never expected to have the transformation that I had just within myself as well as in my work. I never expected it to take and branch off the way it has. It has pretty much changed my life and affected me full circle, not just in business, but in life. I have a renewed outlook. Business has picked up from places I didn’t even know I had business. I kind of have to pinch myself sometimes.

- Tamra Simons

My coach was simply fantastic. She asked tough questions that challenged me to understand my true, best self and kept me focused on the thoughts that drive that self. Since we started working together, she has helped me identify what I value most in a relationship and to pinpoint the work that makes me most fulfilled. Now I am dating an incredible woman and have started a satisfying career in which I feel confident that I am making a difference. As a confidant, a personal coach and a friend, my coach has played a huge role in helping me realize this success. I am very happy with the lessons I have learned during our journey together and strongly encourage you to engage on your journey as well.

- Dan Ceppos

Frame of Mind Coaching was my wake up call. Everything that I had experienced in my life had led me up to that point, and I realized that I could either crumble, or I could change. These sessions showed me who I am as a person, and what my potential really is. I'm so glad that I did it. If anyone is struggling with something and they want to learn more about themselves, this is something that I strongly recommend.

- Zack Zareva

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