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Resilience Radio: Crushing the Tough Stuff with Kim Ades

This podcast is about leveraging your thinking to overcome life's challenges. Each episode features unique and moving stories from business leaders about how they were able to move through adversity and achieve success.

This is AMAZING! So helpful! Love the stories! Keep them coming!

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E95: Why Your Business Needs a Visionary & an Integrator

by Frame of Mind June 19, 2018

“A Visionary loves imagining something that’s possible and proving to all the naysayers that they can deliver on an idea. Integrators are in the trenches day-to-day and like to understand the way things work.“ -Mike Paton Speaker, author and Visionary for EOS Worldwide, Mike Paton, shares how to move your business past the status quo […]

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E94: Changing Your Life by Helping Others

by Frame of Mind June 13, 2018

“I had never felt so much joy in my life. I discovered that giving to other people, and helping other people, is where I get my deep, deep happiness.“   -Kendra Kincade   Air traffic controller, speaker and philanthropist, Kendra Kincade, shares her story of living on the streets at age 13, ending up in […]

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E93: High Achievers and Chronic Dissatisfaction

by Frame of Mind June 5, 2018

“Even though a lot of people think I’m super disciplined, I never feel like I’m there yet. I have moments when I tell myself I’m alright, but then I look in the mirror and I think ‘you’re still that two hundred pound, five foot six guy and you have to work on it.’“ -Phil Shaer […]

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E92: How to Win After a Serious Loss

by Frame of Mind May 29, 2018

“It was not just about learning how to create a new normal for myself, but it was about my family learning how to support me.”  -John Register     John Register joins the podcast to discuss how he found a “new normal” after going from being an elite athlete to having his left leg amputated. […]

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E91: Starting a New Division Within an Existing Company

by Frame of Mind May 22, 2018

“We had 750 square feet of run down office space and a folding cardboard table that bounced when I typed. It had the feel of a startup, but with the backing of a significant organization. We were very supported, but also out there on our own.”  -Michael Blackman Michael Blackman, an Associate at RJC Engineers, […]

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E90: Being Your Authentic Self in a Restrictive Environment

by Frame of Mind May 15, 2018

“It’s like putting an animal in a cage, and I was that animal thrown in the cage. I longed for the freedom that I had come to know and love … I was fighting to just be myself, and I think that’s what every single one of us should be fighting for every single day.”  […]

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E89: To Partner Up or to go it Alone?

by Frame of Mind May 8, 2018

“I advise [entrepreneurs] to choose their partner very carefully. They should be someone that you’ve worked with, that you know very well and that you share the same values and work ethic with. … If you are going to work hard every day, or on weekends, the other person should be able to do that […]

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E88: How to Increase Your Resiliency

by Frame of Mind May 1, 2018

“I see the world of resiliency in two ways: there is the foundational component and there are micro skills. Micro skills are, for example, being physically active to release positive hormones. Many people need to learn the foundational component, which is discovering your purpose in life, your vision and your values.” -Darren Steeves   Darren Steeves, […]

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E87: Telling Stories to Increase Revenue

by Frame of Mind April 24, 2018

“We realized that what we were doing was working because we were telling stories about people – genuine, authentic stories that evoked emotion. One of our videos got 100,000 views and another one got picked up by Upworthy and got 350,000 views. People related to it.” -Stanley Meytin Stanley Meytin joins the show to share […]

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E86: Getting Fired From the Brand That You Made Famous

by Frame of Mind April 17, 2018

“My identity was ‘Jordan Harbinger from the Art of Charm‘ and [when I was fired] I thought ‘this will be like a talk show host losing their slot; I’m going to be so irrelevant’ … I had spent 11 and a half years climbing a mountain and then I was looking up from the bottom […]

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E85: The $10 Million Marketing Strategy

by Frame of Mind April 10, 2018

“If you are trying to break the $5 million mark eventually, you need more than hope. Hope is a great thing, but it’s not a strategy.” -Joe Apfelbaum   Joe Apfelbaum, CEO of Ajax Union, shares how to create an effective digital marketing strategy that converts prospects into loyal clients, and how to grow your […]

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E84: How to be an Engaging and Effective Speaker

by Frame of Mind April 3, 2018

“One of the biggest mistakes people make when [public] speaking is that they try to be someone they are not.” -Sunjay Nath A professional speaker for 23 years, Sunjay Nath shares tips for becoming a masterful speaker. He also reveals the two types of connections you need to make with audiences and the “10-80-10 Principle” […]

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E83: Buying a Business vs Starting From Scratch

by Frame of Mind March 27, 2018

“I wanted my own business. This seemed like an opportunity to dip my feet in, so while I worked on my passion projects, it would afford me the opportunity to do my side hustle.” -David Bryson David Bryson shares why he decided to buy an existing company rather than start his own from scratch. He […]

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E82: Productivity Hack – Alter Your Brain Chemistry

by Frame of Mind March 20, 2018

“We’re taught to pay attention to pain, but we’re not taught to pay attention to when we’re feeling good.” -Morry Zelcovitch   Morry Zelcovitch joins the program to discuss how he healed from anxiety, depression and suicidal urges through audio brainwave entrainment, which uses sound to alter brain chemistry. He also shares how he was […]

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E81: More Than a Giveaway – Using Promo Products to Up Your Game

by Frame of Mind March 13, 2018

“For years, we’ve looked at promotional tools as giveaways. We don’t think about the value they have to extend the brand from one person to the next.” -Jae M. Rang Jae M. Rang, Founder and Chief Inspiring Officer of JAE Associates Ltd., shares how to use promotional products strategically to boost sales and deepen relationships […]

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E80: Should Your Team Make Decisions For You?

by Frame of Mind March 6, 2018

“Your business runs on hundreds and hundreds of decisions. Instead of micromanaging, get people so aligned that they make decisions that are as good or better than [decisions] you would have made yourself.” -Jeff Moore Business strategist and CEO coach Jeff Moore joins the program to discuss the importance of forming alignment within your company. […]

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E79: From Corporate Employee to Thriving Entrepreneur

by Frame of Mind February 27, 2018

“Starting my own business has always been something I wanted to do. Even when I decided to quit my job, I knew I wanted to work for myself. I wanted the freedom to do whatever I want.” -Anna Victoria Chow     Anna Victoria Chow, co-owner of The Good Geisha (a premier cosmetic tattoo shop […]

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E78: Building a Resilient Corporate Culture

by Frame of Mind February 20, 2018

    “When our whole world was crumbling outside of ViBE, [our dance studio], it was the only thing that we had to hold on to. When we came into ViBE, we were really controlled with our emotions and we said, ‘You’re not allowed to cry at ViBE.’” -Marnie Schwartz In this very special episode, […]

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E77: It’s Time for a Confidence Makeover!

by Frame of Mind February 13, 2018

“I know the value of shifting your mindset, but sometimes you need to do something so you visually see yourself differently.” -Kimberly Seltzer Dating and makeover expert Kimberly Seltzer shares how changing the way you look can change the way you think and feel. She also shares her own story of transformation and how developing […]

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E76: Developing a Fast Forward Mindset

by Frame of Mind February 6, 2018

“Being an entrepreneur takes time. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about gaining more experience.” -David Schnurman   President and CEO of Lawline, David Schnurman, shares how he went from being a law school student to building a successful business providing continuing education for lawyers across the U.S. David also reveals the “Fast Forward […]

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