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Resilience Radio: Crushing the Tough Stuff with Kim Ades

This podcast is about leveraging your thinking to overcome life's challenges. Each episode features unique and moving stories from business leaders about how they were able to move through adversity and achieve success.

Thank you for making this podcast, Kim! Everyone has a story, and it is truly amazing to hear what your guests have gone through and what kind of thinking they needed to overcome and leverage their experiences. This is my new favourite podcast!

- K.H.

E68: Breaking Free From a Cult

by Frame of Mind December 12, 2017

“They told us that everyone has a sinful nature and belongs in hell. When this is driven into you from as early as you can remember, you start to tell yourself you have no worth of your own.” -Michael Olesen Michael Olesen shares his story of growing up in an extreme-right religious environment and how […]

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E67: Surviving and Succeeding After Childhood Abuse

by Frame of Mind December 5, 2017

“My biggest stressor is putting myself in survivalist situations because it’s what I’ve known my whole life. As much as it’s terrible for my health, it’s comfortable for my brain.” -Jennifer Carver Award Winning Field Sales Manager for PCNA, Jennifer Carver, shares how she survived sexual abuse in her childhood and became a successful sales professional. Jennifer also shares […]

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E66: Getting Your Health Back After a Chronic Illness

by Frame of Mind November 28, 2017

“Everyone is different – there are over 200 different symptoms for people who suffer from Lyme disease, but for me, it was an abrupt onset of anxiety.” -Cindy Kennedy Nurse practitioner and podcaster Cindy Kennedy shares how she went from being a medical provider to a patient after she started suffering from symptoms that her […]

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E65: Dealing with Conflict in a Family Business

by Frame of Mind November 21, 2017

“I discovered that my brother was taking money from the company without my knowledge, and it was over a million dollars.” -Marc Schwartzberg   Marc Schwartzberg, CEO of Office Furniture Heaven, discusses how he dealt with the discovery that one of his brothers was stealing money from the family business and what he learned from […]

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E64: Kim Ades Answers Your Questions – Part 2

by Frame of Mind November 14, 2017

“The way you feel has nothing to do with what you do. The way you feel has everything to do with what you think.” -Kim Ades   In this special episode of Resilience Radio, producer Doug Foresta asks host Kim Ades your questions about past interviews on the show. Kim also shares the key qualities […]

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E63: How to Stay Hungry, Even as a Seasoned Professional

by Frame of Mind November 7, 2017

“I didn’t like to go to birthday parties – I was very, very shy. Then something clicked halfway through middle school and something changed. I just became a different person.” -Lisa Teich Real estate salesperson Lisa Teich shares how she got her first job in real estate and how she has built her business from zero […]

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E62: Your Relationships are Your Responsibility

by Frame of Mind October 31, 2017

“To actually look at something and say, ‘I don’t take this personally’ – that’s a huge shift for me.” -Saul Simon   Certified Financial Planner Saul Simon shares how he overcame the grief and disappointment of his marriage ending, and the importance of taking personal responsibility in relationships. Saul also shares his challenge of wanting […]

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E61: 12 Lessons You Must Learn During Your Lifetime

by Frame of Mind October 24, 2017

“When something strange is going on in our lives, we have to ask ourselves, ‘What is it that I’m supposed to learn from this?’” -Michael Combs   Author, adventurer and artist Michael Combs joins Kim again to discuss the spiritual guidance that he receives, and why natural disasters and political upheavals occur. Michael shares his […]

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E60: What To Do Next After a Career Shift

by Frame of Mind October 17, 2017

“One of the things I’ve learned is that longevity equals credibility, and it really holds true.“ -Abie Gabor     Entrepreneur Abie Gabor joins the show to discuss his story of finding success in the supermarket industry and his recent decision to sell his stores and pursue other opportunities. Abie shares how to decide what […]

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E59: Letting Go of Power Struggles With Your Kids

by Frame of Mind October 10, 2017

“The more she’s entranced by her phone, the more she won’t come out of her room and engage with me.“ -Debra Ruh     Debra Ruh, CEO of Ruh Global Communications, returns to the show to discuss how companies can empower and support people with disabilities. She also shares her recent challenges with her daughter, […]

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E58: Turning Your Passion Into a Business

by Frame of Mind October 3, 2017

“It got to the point where my wife said to me, ‘It’s either the business or your family.’” -Adam Levy     Adam Levy, aka the Alcohol Professor, shares how a business failure led him to pursue his true passion and start another, altogether different business. Adam talks about the mindset that enabled him to […]

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E57: Handling the Stress of Being a Parent

by Frame of Mind September 26, 2017

“I think so much of my stress comes from my sweet little daughter.” -Angela Wagner     Life coach, certified yoga teacher and entrepreneur Angela Wagner shares the challenges that she faces as a mother of young children and a business owner. Listen in as Kim Ades shares her unique perspective on parenting and challenges […]

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E56: Kim Ades Answers Your Questions

by Frame of Mind September 19, 2017

“We get what we expect out of everyone. How we see the people in our lives is exactly how they show up.” -Kim Ades   The tables have turned! In this episode of Resilience Radio, producer Doug Foresta asks host Kim Ades questions sent in by listeners about their challenges in business and in life. […]

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E55: Bouncing Back From a Near Death Experience

by Frame of Mind September 12, 2017

“All of sudden, I was getting downloads; I would look in someone’s eyes and get a download of information.” -Michael Combs   When Michael Combs was 36 years old, his heart literally stopped. He clinically died and came back to life twice in three days. Though perhaps the most miraculous thing that happened was that […]

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E54: Managing “Entrepreneurial ADHD”

by Frame of Mind September 5, 2017

“Our goal is to build 20 companies, 100 million in revenue and have fun doing it.” -Raymond Wali   Listen in as serial entrepreneur and CEO Raymond Wali shares how he built multiple successful businesses. Find out how he generates new business ideas, finds the right people to run each business and what it’s like […]

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E53: Mindset Lessons From an Israeli Soldier

by Frame of Mind August 28, 2017

“In my call to be a soldier, I was called to get away from my mother and to do something that set me on the path for success.” -Dorit Sasson   Speaker and author Dorit Sasson shares her story of growing up in the US, joining the Israeli army and what she learned along the […]

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E52: Using Your Mind to Heal Your Body

by Frame of Mind August 22, 2017

“It’s not about getting rid of anything in terms of disease process, it’s about helping the brain communicate with the body.” -Dr. Mark Halpern   Chiropractor Dr. Mark Halpern and I discuss how to create optimal physical wellness by dealing effectively with emotional stress and increasing your brain function. Dr. Halpern addresses some of the […]

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E51: Staying Motivated While Building Your Business

by Frame of Mind August 15, 2017

“I have a lot of ambition and I believe in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But you’re not going to get there unless you take the next step.” -David Berger CEO of Pool Safe Inc, David Berger, joins the program to discuss how he created his company and his product […]

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E50: Healing From PTSD

by Frame of Mind August 8, 2017

“There are things that you just can’t be prepared for.” -Charles Stevenson     Charles Stevenson, founder of Healing Energy Yoga Therapeutics and former combat medic, discusses his experiences as a full-time soldier in the Australian army and how he developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Charles also shares why he turned to yoga as a […]

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E49: Living Your Purpose in the Midst of Adversity

by Frame of Mind July 31, 2017

“I do believe we are all already living our purpose.”  -Michelle Vandepas     Bestselling author, coach and TEDx speaker Michelle Vandepas discusses her unique perspective on living your purpose based on her experience coaching hundreds of individuals. Michelle shares how she’s been able to live her purpose through the death of a business partner, […]

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