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Michele Nevarez


My first experience with coaching was in high school as a junior biathlete in the Minnesota National Guard Jr program. I learned how a good coach can see things you can't see and can provide feedback and critical support for helping to achieve your goals faster and easier. When I hired Frame of Mind... read more

- Bruce Eckfeldt

Meet Michele

Michele is a coach and a mother of four. She loves to read and write; her favorite book is Catch 22, and she enjoys creative writing. Living in Jackson, Wyoming, she skis in the winter and plays tennis in the summer. She also serves the on board of several non profits, and recently received her Masters in Positive Organizational Development and Change from Case Western Reserve University.

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Some Background Info

Specializing in coaching highly-driven executives and professionals, Michele leverages what we know about the brain, EQ and Resonant Leadership to help leaders develop resilience, focus and self- awareness. A thought-leader passionate about helping companies align business strategy and tactics to organizational purpose, Michele thrives in environments where pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking is the norm and breakthrough innovations lead the way through market shifts and transformation.


Michele brings over 20 years of HR Leadership and C-Suite experience working for industry leaders in healthcare (St. John’s Medical Center & Banner Health), investigative services, investment management (Janus Capital Group & American Funds), and management consulting (Booz Allen Hamilton). A founding member of Rangjung Yeshe Shedra, an international university based in Kathmandu, Nepal, Michele has practiced mindfulness-based and contemplative training for the past 23 years.


Prior to becoming a coach, Michele knew that she wanted to be certified as a coach for 20 years. She had just never found a coaching model that she could get behind. That all changed when she met president and founder of FOM Coaching, Kim Ades, at a SHRM Conference.

What Makes Michele a Phenomenal Coach?

What clients say about Michele:

"Michele is amazing. It is hard for me not to refer everyone in my life to her. I was surprised by her level of honesty and that she was willing to 'go there' to tell me when I was full of it."


"I was going through a life changing event starting when I decided to get coached. I was able to work though it with Michele, who was awesome. I'll be able to use the things I learned [from her] in all aspects of my life."


Michele's approach to coaching:

Michele takes a very direct approach to coaching and likes to dive deep with her clients. She is very interested what causes people to make lasting changes. She examines the underlying framework driving her clients' thinking and their mindset. She then helps them to identify and transform their self-limiting beliefs.


What Michele loves about coaching:

Michele loves to see her clients go from not believing in their best self to completely realizing their qualities and seeing their potential. It is an honor for her to carry the torch for her clients until they are able to see their light.

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