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Kim Ades, MBA

President and Founder, FOM Inc.

I feel more confident in myself. I have significantly changed the way I think as well as the way I handle difficult situations, with a lot less stress and much more success. I no longer focus and dwell on what I construe as a “jab” at me. I collect my thoughts and assess the situation before reactin... read more

- Jenni Masson

Meet Kim

Kim Ades is the President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and JournalEngine Software. Author, speaker, entrepreneur, coach and mother of five, Kim is recognized as one of North America's foremost experts on performance through thought mastery. Using her unique philosophy and quirky coaching style, Kim helps her clients shift their thinking in order to yield extraordinary results. Kim is also a featured speaker for many entrepreneur and executive level organizations. She lives in Toronto, ON with her husband, Allan.

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Some Background Info

Success Coaching for High Profile Executives

Kim Ades is one of North America’s foremost experts on performance success through thought mastery. An executive coach and popular speaker, Kim works exclusively with highly driven, accomplished executives, leading entrepreneurs and high level professionals in their respective fields. Working with high profile individuals who have already achieved success in some areas of their lives, Kim uses the unique Frame of Mind Coaching process to ignite significant change and life transformation.


Kim lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and five incredible children. For her, family is paramount, and this priority remains at the core of all her endeavours.


After earning an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Kim received her MBA from the University of Ottawa. Between 1995 and 2005, Kim was the Founder and President of Upward Motion and is well known for dramatically penetrating the international real estate industry with a product called the Real Estate Simulator, a web-based assessment tool for the recruitment, selection and training of top performing real estate agents.


During that period Kim worked intimately with brokers to help them identify the characteristics, traits and behaviours of individuals who had the potential to be outstanding sales agents. Her expertise in this area makes her one of the industry’s foremost experts on performance and success. As a result of her years of study and data analysis, and literally working with thousands of sales professionals, she has discovered that while top performers have a variety of different personality traits and execute different strategies to acquire their success, there really is only one substantial difference between top performers and others: their frame of mind.


Kim designed the Frame of Mind Coaching program to provide her executive coaching clients with a powerful infrastructure where they could develop the skill of deliberate thought and apply this directly to the goal of achieving higher levels of success. Kim understands that the single greatest difference between those people who are extraordinarily successful and everyone else is their THINKING. She knows that we all have the propensity to shift our thinking and achieve greater leadership and higher levels of success in both our business and our personal spheres.


She is also a regular contributor and expert guest for a number of publications and online magazines including Choice Magazine, Forbes, ASTD and SHRM. She is known by her peers as an elite expert around sales and relationships, validated by being recognized as one of North America’s Top 50 most influential women in real estate.

What Makes Kim a Phenomenal Executive Coach?

What clients say about Kim:

“I found that Kim’s coaching has reawakened the person in me that had been dormant for years. I had almost forgotten what it was like to feel alive.” -Michael Olesen


“Working with Kim I have experienced a life-changing transformation. My life today is one of excitement, self-discovery and endless adventure.” -Andrew Pollard


“Kim has had a tremendous impact on my life. Her principles freed me from long held counter-productive thoughts and beliefs that were holding me back from what I really wanted.” -Kevin Faherty


“If you want to work with someone that is no BS and willing to challenge you beyond your expectations, there is none better than Kim Ades.” -Tony Cole


“Kim is brilliant! She is full of endless love and acceptance, and yet is hard and real. She can dig into your problems to expose their soft underbelly, and it’s done with complete love and acceptance. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her.” -Jonathan Robert


“Kim really challenged me, and people don’t tend to challenge me. She was able to point out ways that I think about my work and my relationships that I could quickly and easily tweak. She has so much experience that she was able to coach me effortlessly. It was great to have her as a mentor and confidante.” -John Shumate


“I loved how quick Kim was at getting right to the core without getting lost in the details. And I loved her way of asking questions that caused me to think beyond things that were already in my mind. She was really warm and I felt like I could develop a friendship with her.” -Cary Mac Arthur


“Kim was so loving, so supportive and really attentive. She was able to get to the core of what was really holding me back. Having her look into my life objectively was a really beautiful experience.” -Jessica Schwartz


“I really love Kim. She is a pretty amazing woman. We have a really authentic relationship, I felt comfortable sharing with her and I respected her feedback.” -Marissa Schwartz


“I decided to write Oprah to tell her about Kim and Frame of Mind Coaching. I’ll never forget describing Kim as the Dalai Lama – compassionate and intuitive. Kim has a gift of identifying where you are and what you need to work on.” -Pat Bocchicchio



Kim’s approach to coaching:

Kim is recognized for her warmth, her passion and her instinctive talent for seeing the strengths of her clients and helping them discover the path to their own success. She is creative in her approach, honest, perceptive and forms a genuine connection with her clients, building a solid bond of trust and growth. Kim is a bold coach who is unafraid to take the lead in the coaching relationship in order to help clients achieve extraordinary success.



What drew Kim to coaching:

Kim has always felt like she was designed specifically to help people in a personal way. When she was exploring various coaching systems, she sensed several flaws that repeatedly showed up in the coaching ideology. Kim noticed that many coaches would focus solely on goal-setting, and on holding clients accountable for the actions that were necessary to meet their goals. “By and large, people know what to do in order to reach their goals, they just aren’t taking action. The question is why?” Kim explains. Kim realized that the one and only thing stopping each and every client from meeting their goals was their thought patterns. Every client wanted to meet their goals, but something – a very big, persistent something – was preventing their success.


Kim’s discovery sparked her desire to start an executive coaching company that focused solely on success as a result of empowered thought mastery. She knew that if she could help people remove the thoughts and beliefs that prevent their success, achieving their goals would be possible. Kim found that journaling was the quickest and most efficient way to access a client’s thought patterns and belief system. She began coaching using the tool of journaling, and found that she could help propel substantive and lasting changes in client’s lives and careers.

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