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Frank Furbacher


I had tried many other coaching styles, read books and listened to podcasts. I knew what I should be doing, but it wasn’t working. I didn’t feel like I could achieve anything and I didn’t see the point in trying. Within a few weeks of FOM Coaching, I had changed! All of a sudden, work was better an... read more

- Beata Seweryn-Reid

Meet Frank

Frank is a consultant with Strativity Group, a customer experience consulting firm based in Hackensack, NJ. Prior to this, Frank was the VP of Operations at Lawline, an online education company for lawyers. With his help, Lawline grew from a 3 person start-up to a 25 employee firm with $5 million in revenue. As a coach, he is able to connect with people and reinforce their inherent strengths. He enjoys playing ice hockey and training through CrossFit. He is also the VP of the Manhattanville College Alumni Board.

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Some Background Info

Entrepreneurial Success Coach

Before becoming a certified Frame of Mind Coach, Frank worked with Lawline, a start-up, online education company, for 8 years, assisting the organization in its growth to a $5 million company. Along with being a Certified FOM Coach, Frank works as a Marketing and Economics teacher at Paramus Catholic High School and is also the school's Assistant Director of Alumni Relations.


In addition, Frank serves as the president of the Manhattanville Young Alumni Society, working with his team to plan and execute events that engage recent graduates. He is also a member of the Manhattanvile College Alumni Association Board of Directors.


Frank was first introduced to Frame of Mind Coaching through the CEO of Lawline who had been coached personally by Kim Ades, President and Founder of FOM Coaching. Initially skeptical, Frank’s doubts quickly subsided on his first coaching call. Frank’s coaching experience was one of the best experiences of his life, and his passion for FOM Coaching and self-improvement led him to pursue FOM Certification.

What Makes Frank a Phenomenal Coach?

What clients say about Frank:

“Frank was a mentor to me through each step of the coaching process. Having someone show they care about me and expect positive developments helped push me tremendously. This coaching has helped me handle numerous situations in which I could become stressed and impatient. My new attitude has allowed my relationships to flourish. These relationships and my positive mindset has made my life as a whole more enjoyable and successful.” -Dan Fiorito


“One of the biggest results that I saw from working with Frank was that I gained confidence in myself and am confident in social situations. I learned to be my authentic self; to let who I am on the inside come out.” -Zack Zareva


“Frank was a wonderful coach. Before coaching, self-loathing, fear and doubt resonated in my thoughts and actions. I have noticed significant changes post-coaching. I recognize my thoughts and take time to reflect more often. I feel self-love, love for my work, love for those around me, love for life. I now know where my values lie and what I have to offer myself and the world.” -Ola Mazzuca


“Frank was great to work with. He asked many hard hitting questions and made me question my own beliefs. He was challenging without being confrontational. He gave me the tools to shift my thinking for the better. Frank was incredibly supportive in this journey and helped me to improve myself.” -Matthew Gaglio



Frank's approach to coaching:

Frank is dedicated, relatable and trustworthy. He has always been credited with his ability to connect with people and reinforce their inherent strengths. Frank specializes in working with young professionals to help them fulfill their potential early on and throughout their careers.  He is known for assisting driven and success-minded individuals and business leaders to achieve their personal aspirations by helping them to become “unstuck” in their careers, in their relationships, and personal finances. Frank recognizes that despite their accomplishments, some people still regard themselves as failures. He is dedicated to ensuring that his client’s insecurities don’t get in the way of their future successes.



What Frank likes about coaching:

Frank enjoys holding up a mirror to his clients, allowing them to see themselves in a better light and take control of their thoughts and emotions. He especially likes working with “rising stars” – individuals who are talented, self-aware, and motivated to improve their lives. Whether Frank is working iwth entrepreneurs, athletes, or business professionals, his  goal is to help guide clients to become a better version of themselves; the very best version of themselves. He enjoys the interesting and intense journey of professional coaching, along with the fresh perspectives he gains from his clients.


Schools that have participated in Frame of Mind Workshops:

New Jersey Institute of Technology
Fairleigh Dickinson University - Florham Campus
Monmouth University
Manhattan College
Manhattanville College
Rowan University
Mount Saint Mary's College
Ramapo College
Nyack College

Workshop Testimonials

A few testimonials from Frank's workshops: 

“WOW!! What a great presentation-very enlightening, engaging and exhilarating. The way you think truly effects your outcomes and those that BELIEVE in themselves are most likely to succeed.” -Jenn, Fairleigh Dickinson University Florham Campus, Associate Athletic Director and Head Field Hockey and Women's Golf Coach


“This workshop reiterated the importance of mental preparation and the importance of thoughts and feelings. It was a great experience for our team as we go in to the season with challenges both off and on the field.” -Scott Baker, Head Coach, Rowan University Men's Soccer


“The women's soccer team met with Frank prior to a night training session. The training session after the workshop started off a little slower than most so the team leaders pulled everyone off to the side and asked what they had learned from the meeting with Frank. Almost in unison the girls said what Frank had taught in the workshop, "we can controls of thoughts and our feelings." They sometimes need a reminder that they are capable of controlling how they feel and think but they are on the right track.” -Bre Nasypany, Head Coach, Mt. St. Mary's Women's Soccer

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