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Dave Gorham

Frame of Mind Coach

Going through a marital separation/divorce after a long unhappy marriage, I had years of emotional and mental weight. My own mind was like trying to get through a mine field that would spiral into a pit of hopelessness that would last for weeks. I knew I was my own worst enemy and everyday was a fig... read more

- Pauline

Meet Dave


Dave has 27 years of real estate experience and is the broker-of-record, sales manager, property management supervisor and a managing member of Realty Solutions. As an investor, rehabber, landlord and sales agent, he has managed large sales teams at several Coldwell Banker offices in New Jersey. He is an excellent coach for any success-oriented individual. He has six tattoos (with 100 more in mind), he rides a motorcycle, drives a 1973 Karmann Ghia and spends his summers in Ocean City.

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Some Background Info

Success Coach, Dave Gorham


As well as being a Certified FOM Coach, Dave is a Top Real Estate Sales Agent and the Broker of Record for Realty Solutions, LLC, a full service property management and sales brokerage. Dave lives in Williamstown, New Jersey with the two loves of his life, his wife and daughter. Dave has an extensive background in marketing, advertising and business management. He worked as the Branch Manager/ Broker Associate for Coldwell Banker Elite, Realtors for nine years and won awards for his leadership and results.  While Dave works in the field of real estate, his expertise in business and his effectiveness in dealing with people make him an excellent business coach and life coach for any success-oriented individuals who want more success out of life.  As one of FOM's earliest certified coaches, he has established a track record for stellar coaching performance amongst his business and entrepreneurial coaching clients.

What Makes Dave a Phenomenal Coach?

What clients say about Dave:

“Dave is a coach unlike any other. He is extremely dedicated, very compassionate, totally real and amazingly focused.” -Melanie Tinianov


“A person of vision, Dave excels at coaching and leadership and has a true gift of containing his belief in his client so they can embrace it for themselves.” -Denise Ackerman


“Dave is funny, direct, non judgmental, insightful and knew how to shine the light on my flawed thinking patterns that were holding me back from getting what I wanted. Our conversations were a confidential and safe place to share the good, the bad and the ugly. I love that man. I owe him my life.” -Amy Hawke


“To use a Dave-ism, he was “f*cking awesome.” Dave has a bit of an edge, but he’s so present, supportive and open. He was very cognizant of where I was at, and was an amazing guide." -Dinis Prazeres



Dave’s approach to coaching:

Honesty and humour are the driving forces behind Dave’s coaching. When it comes to getting to the bottom of things, instead of lightly tapping on pressing problems, Dave pokes and prods, getting to the base of difficulties. He builds intimate, open relationships with his clients by encouraging them to leave their egos at the door and by viewing coaching as a two-way street. Using the core coaching principles of Frame of Mind Coaching and his sharp instinct, Dave helps clients meet and exceed their short and long-term goals and improve their level of happiness.



What drew Dave to coaching:

Dave experienced Frame of Mind coaching first-hand after reaching out to Kim during an unsettling time as a new manager at Coldwell Banker Elite, Realtors. When Dave started journaling with his coach, he found that the process helped him achieve balance and to better define his goals. Dave got hooked on Frame of Mind Coaching and, under the direct tutelage of Kim, soon started to coach clients himself.  Ask him what he thinks about openness with clients and Dave will tell you that some of his clients know more about him than his own wife does. Dave was Kim’s first-ever 1-on-1 coaching client.

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