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Becca Woodring Buttermore


The Frame of Mind Coaching tools have had a huge impact in helping me to overcome obstacles. I owe an extreme expression of gratitude to my coach for being instrumental in mentoring my business when the market crashed and my business was faltering. I was blaming the market. I was doing everything th... read more

- Paul Fedynich

Meet Becca

Becca is an optometrist, a business owner and a mother of five in Mars, Pennsylvania. She also volunteers with Mission Vision and VOSH to provide eye care for those in need. As a coach, she works exclusively with highly motivated clients who feel stuck in any area of their lives. She likes spontaneous, unplanned travel, horseback riding and sewing - she even made her own prom gowns, her wedding dress and all seven of her bridesmaids’ dresses!

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Some Background Info

Successful Life Coach who Motivates

Before joining forces with Frame of Mind Coaching, Becca provided clarity of vision both locally and abroad through her optometry practice and through her volunteer work with Mission Vision and VOSH, travelling to Haiti and Guatemala to provide eye care for those in need. Becca is incredibly dedicated to helping her coaching clients gain clarity through thought mastery, with the goal of achieving the success they deserve in their personal and professional lives.

What Makes Becca a Phenomenal Coach?

What clients say about Becca:

“I can't stress enough how much stronger and more confident I am thanks to Becca. My mentality in life has changed for the better. I feel coaching is as important to your well-being as exercise is to physical health.”
-Ann Joseph


“I have had a few great coaches in my life. My wrestling coaches were great men who helped me to forge my life character. They have received actual hall of fame status in recognition of their great and tireless work in touching the lives of boys and helping them grow into men. But I now consider my life coach, Becca, the equal of any of them, or even greater. She belongs to a very small and exclusive list written in my heart.”
-David Strejc


“Becca was so amazing. She was really personable and I felt like she wasn't just a coach, and that I made a friend in the process. And she really cared. If she knew something was going on in my life, she would check up on me. I very quickly got comfortable with her and felt safe in sharing my vulnerabilities. She was also very accommodating, responsive and supportive.”
-Angela Myers


“When I came in contact with Becca, I was feeling stuck. Miserable at work, unmotivated to exercise, overwhelmed with the kids. After 10 weeks of coaching, I have taken a new approach with my kids. I am now exercising and eating healthy. I feel like I'm in such a better mindset. Becca is wonderful!”
-Nicole Tangredi


“I was surprised by how much Becca seemed to be invested in my growth. I was doing well prior to this coaching experience, however, I had many areas in my life where my negative self thoughts were holding me back. Becca questioned my negative beliefs and helped me to see where they came from. She also helped me to refocus my energy on what I did want in life rather than what I don't want.”
-Alisa Ivory Smith


An excerpt from an email that a past client sent to Becca: “I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you've done for me. Thank you for being my coach, thank you for being my friend. Thank you for giving me my life back.”
-Traci Powers


An excerpt from an email that a past client sent to Becca: “I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate everything you've done to support me over the past two years. I don't know if you will ever fully grasp the depth to which God used you to bless me and guide me through the most treacherous, uncharted waters (by me) I will ever face (one can hope, anyway, right?). I love and respect you so much, and I pray that you continue to pour yourself into others. You were born for it, and the world is a much better place because you're in it ... at least my little slice of the world is!”
-Susan Klacik



Becca's approach to coaching:

Becca works exclusively with highly motivated clients who feel stuck in any area of their lives. She is a dedicated, patient and persistent business and life coach. Becca loves working with other driven individuals and experiencing the synergy of two minds working together. She finds it easy to identify the seeds of greatness within her clients, and to help them use that greatness to find their way to success in their lives.  Becca's unwavering support allows her to guide clients through their blocks, insecurities and obstacles to see and believe in these gifts for themselves,  allowing them to find the clarity and motivation needed to achieve greater success. Having experienced monumental changes in her own life from being an FOM coaching client, Becca is committed to paying it forward and helping others shift their thinking in order to achieve powerful results.



What Becca loves about coaching:

Becca knows what it’s like to hit a wall and feel overwhelmed with one’s circumstances. She enjoys helping others find a way to break through the wall and tear it down, enabling them to see that their struggles and setbacks are actually stepping stones rather than barriers to greater success. Becca enjoys helping others find balance in the midst of their chaotic lifestyles. She loves how the Frame of Mind Coaching process shifts clients internally, which creates almost effortless shifts in their external actions and therefore results and experience of life. She finds the journaling component most crucial to the personal and powerful coaching process. Becca is dedicated to igniting a ripple effect of passionate living by sharing a simple set of ideas that can lead to extraordinary success and enjoyment of life.

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