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Amy Scupham


I was experiencing an extreme amount of stress surrounding work. I was in a really fragile state and was questioning my career choice altogether. Coaching helped me realize that I’ve always been on the right track. Work has never been better. I learned to have patience when I don’t have all the info... read more

- Marissa Schwartz

Meet Amy


Amy is passionate about learning and helping others. She is also determined to use the Frame of Mind Coaching thought management principles to bring her golf handicap into the low teens! Amy lives in Kansas City with her beautiful daughter Cassie and keeps herself busy with her 20-year career in investment management, volunteering/sitting on the board of a charitable foundation, traveling, reading, learning about new cultures and searching for ways to stay intellectually challenged.

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Some Background Info

What Makes Amy a Phenomenal Coach?

What clients say about Amy:

"I was introduced to Amy through a series of events that can only be described as divine intervention. From the moment we started talking, we knew this was going to be an amazing journey for both of us. Amy is truly now one of my angels on Earth. She listened with an open heart, open mind and a sense of humor! She helped me learn how to manage my thoughts and helped me see situations and people through an amazing new set of eyes. Not only did Amy lovingly guide me to be my best self during our coaching calls, she was also there for me in between calls and in my journals. I would highly recommend coaching with Amy. She’s simply the best and has changed my life forever." -Tianna Leigh


"Amy has a great sense of humor and a wonderful way of looking at things that you're struggling with. She helps you shift them in such a way that you realize, first of all, they're not your challenges. The ways in which other people behave is not about you, it's about them. Amy taught me to look at those struggles differently, and if not laugh about them, at the very least accept them for what they are and realize it's not about me. She's just very insightful." -Wanda Slater


Amy's approach to coaching:

Amy’s goal in her Frame of Mind Coaching method is to always bring compassion, acceptance and accountability to her coaching environment. From start to finish, She strives to create a true connection and relationship with her clients so the client feels safe being 100% open and authentic. In order to aid her clients in this process; Amy will often use stories and anecdotes to help her clients discover where their thoughts may be negatively impacting their experiences. Together, Amy and her clients move through these “aha” moments and transform the thoughts into a place of empowerment. Amy is unwavering, yet nurturing throughout her approach.


What Amy likes about coaching:

Coaching is very rewarding to Amy. She loves watching people transform their experiences and relationships by shifting their thoughts and focus. Within each client; Amy can lear n something about herself, about other people who surround her or just life in general. Amy loves being a part of a team of coaches that are so committed to living extraordinary lives!

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