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Allan Friedman, B.A., B.Ed.

Director of Operations, FOM Inc. & JournalEngine™ Software

This is a simple note of thank you to an amazing company and powerful group of leaders. I have had the fortune of working in the personal development industry for 16 years now, and it is rare to come across a unique concept that not only works but that exceeds expectations. The personal development ... read more

- Eric McGrath

Meet Allan

Allan heads up the Administrative division of FOM Inc. and is dedicated to the support of the FOM Coaching team. He is a Board-Certified teacher and Musical Director and Accompanist in his spare time, and has spent the last two years as a chaperone for the high school delegation of the Holocaust Education program, the March of the Living. He thoroughly enjoys his life as a dad to 5 phenomenal kids and is happily married to the most amazing woman on the planet.

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Some Background Info

In addition to having been a Frame of Mind Coaching client (he knew that the only way to understand the system was to go through it as a client, and he has never been sorry!), Allan also enjoys his side-career as a Musical Theatre Director and professional Accompanist, and loves working with kids -- hence his B.Ed. However, most of the time Allan lives, eats and breathes the JournalEngine™ and Frame of Mind software. He is almost always near a computer, his iPad, or  his iPhone, much to the annoyance of his amazing and somewhat patient wife.

What Makes Allan a Phenomenal Administrator

Allan is totally dedicated to his work.  His OCD allows him to keep everyone on task and moving forward to success.  With his attention to detail and an eye for anything out of place or out of sequence, the  operational side of FOM runs smoothly and responsively. He keeps his accounting division in tip-top shape, and the rest of his tasks are met with equal enthusiasm. His JournalEngine™ clients know they'll get timely and useful help, and the Frame of Mind team of professional coaches knows that he'll be there in a flash when needed.  His dedication to everyone's success and his passion shine through in everything he does.

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