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Introducing FOM Essentials


A self-guided coaching experience designed to deliver the essentials of
Frame of Mind Coaching for those not quite ready for 1 on 1 Coaching!


1. You are experiencing conflict and tension in your relationshipss

2. You are trying to reach a goal and keep hitting a brick wall

3. You are stressed and overwhelmed with the heavy load of your responsibilities

4. You are dealing with a personal challenge right now and need some help to keep yourself balanced and calm

5. You have a tough decision to make and are looking for some sage advice to help you make wise choices

7. You feel a little complacent and need a boost to help you move into a state of inspired action

8. You are stuck in a job or career that you feel trapped in and are looking for a change but don’t know how to get there

9. You are a parent who struggles with the day-to-day pressure of parenting a difficult child

10. You spend a lot of your time worried about money and finances

So what is FOM Essentials? 


FOM Essentials is a groundbreaking, self-guided coaching experience designed to provide the essentials of Frame of Mind Coaching in a powerful and interactive way.

You can expect to grow, reach your goals and improve your relationships as a result of participating in FOM Essentials.


Terrie Peters

Prior to Frame of Mind Coaching, when I faced indecision, I would put it on the backburner. I was in a constant state of anxiety. My coach turned all that around. I am now able to think about my workload in such a positive way. I find myself extremely productive and able to clearly focus on what is in front of me. I’m so glad that I did this. If you don’t invest in yourself, no one will.

John Shumate

I was growing a new company. I was going through a divorce. I was in the process of moving cities. I’m also a stage four cancer patient. It was tremendously helpful to have someone to be a partner in working out my different challenges. My coach gave me advice, pointed out different ways in which I could think about things, was truly honest and shared my victories with me.



What our clients are saying about Frame of Mind Coaching

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FOM Essentials is PERFECT for you if:

Personal Feedback 

You will have the opportunity to submit your journals to a certified Frame of Mind coach up to twice per month for their review and feedback.

It will be like having your own personal coach when you need it most.

What Can You Expect?



You will receive an exclusive monthly podcast in which Kim Ades, President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching, uses real case scenarios from her clients to teach essential coaching principles that you can use in any situation.

Her method of teaching is engaging, insightful and has relevance to you on every level.

When you listen to each episode, you will find yourself saying, “Oh my God – that’s me!”

Her style hits home and leaves a strong impact.

You will notice yourself applying her lessons immediately after each episode.


Here's the concept...

People learn by example, story telling, reflection and applying the lessons they learn to their own lives.

FOM Essentials delivers these aspects to you in the following ways:

As part of your subscription you will join a private online journaling community, designed especially for FOM Essentials members.

This will allow you to journal daily and interact with others in the course.

You will be able to read and respond to other people’s journals.

You will have the choice to share your journal with others and receive feedback from them.

How cool is that?


You will receive a new journaling prompt every 3 days to keep you focused on journaling and self-reflection.

The prompts are designed to help you look at a variety of areas in your life and explore your thinking about these areas.

Journaling in this environment will allow you to identify ways in which your thinking is propelling you forward as well as ways in which it’s holding you back.  



You can expect to gain valuable insight into how your results are deeply affected by your thinking.

You can expect your journaling to cause you to experience breakthroughs in your challenges.

Taylor Jobe

I was expending a ton of energy, but I wasn’t getting anywhere. I didn’t know how to break free of this cycle. Frame of Mind Coaching made me examine what I really wanted to be doing. Now that I only focus on what makes me happy, I’m still expending as much energy, but I enjoy it. I used to sacrifice my wellbeing for future benefits. Now, what I do contributes to my wellbeing.



Nancy Knauf

I was frustrated with my company’s lack of growth. I was also taking care of my elderly mother. In addition to that, I was in a romantic relationship that wasn’t going anywhere. With so much going on, I didn’t know where to place my energy. Frame of Mind Coaching helped me create clarity in my life. It taught me to constantly define my vision, and to refine it or make it bigger when needed.



What our clients are saying about Frame of Mind Coaching

You will experience tremendous mental, physical, strategic and spiritual benefits from the process of journaling daily.
Achieving your goals will become easier.
Your relationships will become more harmonious.
And you will feel brighter, lighter and happier. 

You can expect to think and reflect deeply as a result of the journaling prompts and the interaction from other members in the course.

You can expect to feel a sense of calm excitement when you use your journal to identify what you want and where you are headed.

You can expect to build a relationship with one of our FOM coaches when submitting your journals for review and feedback.

You can expect your thinking, beliefs, perspectives and values to be challenged each time you listen to one of Kim’s podcasts.

Monthly Podcasts

Private Community

Journaling Prompts


Your Benefits


For ONLY $99 per Month!

For ONLY $99 per Month!


For ONLY $99 per Month!

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