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Our Coaching Programs

Designed specifically to meet the needs of ambitious, highly driven, and successful individuals who want to transform their lives to achieve their biggest goals.

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Once coaching taught me to focus on all the good stuff that was already there, I really started to see a difference in my life. I’m no longer miserable or scared of life and the future. I still don’t have many of the things that I want, but what I do have is the happiness and the mental capacity to ... read more

- Grady Moredock

We have the right coaching program for you!

Driven to succeed?  Our coaching programs are customized to suit the individual needs and challenges of every coaching client to ensure that we help you succeed in achieving your specific personal and professional goals.  Many of our coaching clients travel a great distance and experience a significant personal transformation as a result of their Frame of Mind Coaching™ program.  Each coaching journey is unique and magical in its own right. Whether it's one-on-one, group-based, or even post-1-on-1 engagement, the FOM Coaching™ experience is designed to have a profound and lasting impact on your success.

1 - 1 Coaching

26 Weeks

18 Coaching Calls

Each Call is Recorded

Daily Journaling and Feedback From Your Coach

Executive Coaching

6 Months Total

10 Intense Weeks of 1-1 Coaching (incl. 10 calls)

16 Weeks of Integration (incl. 8 calls)

Ongoing Journaling

Coach on Call (Post-coaching)

What you can expect

You can expect to THINK differently and to see the world through a whole new lens

Do some deep personal work

You can expect to have an intense emotional experience as a result of our coaching program.

You can expect to see yourself in a new light.

You can expect to shed some of the beliefs that have been holding you back and watch yourself soaring naturally to a new, more invigorated, inspired, successful way of life.

You can expect to witness yourself easily taking actions that are aligned with the goals that you are determined to reach.

You can expect to experience the world in a brighter, more beautiful state and begin to notice your powerful impact on everything and everyone you encounter.

Transformative and life-altering conversations

You can expect to have a series of very engaging conversations that will knock your socks off consistently.

You can expect your relationships to shift and to begin attracting more and more exciting and personally aligned people into your life.

You can expect to have a personally and professionally transformative experience.

You can expect to experience life with more wins and a whole lot more joy.

Get trained in how to bounce back quickly

You can expect to receive extremely positive feedback from the people you interact with as a result of our coaching program.

You can expect to dramatically increase your clarity about what you want, and have confidence about achieving your success goals.

You can expect to experience a long term, life-long impact as a result of FOM Coaching™.

I had been journaling online for almost two years with Frame of Mind Coaching when I finally started the incredible journey of 1-on-1 coaching. My coach is talented and knows when to challenge, when to support, when to question, when to teach and when to move forward. I transformed myself, my past, ... read more

- Amy McGrath

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