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Are You a Zucchini?

by Kate Hefford July 22, 2016

I participated in Frame of Mind Coaching™’s FOM Methods program a couple of weeks back. As the Communications Coordinator for this company, it was my job to capture the experience in words and on camera. What I didn’t expect was to be trained alongside everyone else.

And that’s one of the perks of working with Kim; I’m always learning. By now, I’m well-versed in the Frame of Mind Coaching™ Principles, like “what you focus on grows.” But there’s always something new, some fresh perspective that Kim offers up.

This time it was, “let’s say I were to call you a zucchini.”

Let me elaborate.

Kim was describing one of her clients who shared that her uncle used to call her fat when she was young, and how this left a profound impact on her self-image over the years. She also shared that even when her client lost more than 40 pounds, her uncle still called her fat.

To this day, even though she knows that she’s not actually fat, she perceives herself as big and has a tendency to want to shrink so that she can take up less space.

Kim shared how she coached this client:

“Let’s say I were to call you a zucchini. Does that make you a zucchini?

Of course not! Me calling you a zucchini doesn’t make you a zucchini. And me calling you a zucchini doesn’t suddenly conjure up the zucchini spirits and turn you into a zucchini.

The same goes for the words that other people use to describe you. Just because your uncle may have called you fat, that doesn’t make it so.”

It was such a funny statement to make, but it holds so much truth. Many of us have been called names in the past. Some names we have shrugged off, but some we have adopted and carried with us. And some we have used to define us.

This is something that we do to ourselves as a means for holding ourselves in a small and insignificant place in the world.

We do not need to become the labels that others choose for us. Only we can decide who we are and how we show up in the world.

The real question is – who do YOU want to be in the world? What words will YOU use to describe yourself? And… do you believe them to be true?

Consider the words that you have been using to describe yourself that may be holding you in a small place. Consider also what may be holding you back from being the person you’d like to be. Allow us to explore this question with you and help you to create a different view of yourself.

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