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Working Outside of Work Hours

by Frame of Mind April 5, 2018

Do you feel like you are always working? Are you tired of getting work emails after work? Here’s the solution.

CNN recently reported that the city of New York may pass a bill that will make it illegal for employers to contact their staff via email or text outside of work hours. You probably have some experience with this…

You’ve just sat down for dinner after a long day at work, and you hear the familiar ding of your phone. You tell yourself that you’ll answer it later. But what if you forget? You can see your phone flashing from the corner of your eye, taunting you. You decide to leave the dinner table and check your phone, only to find that a colleague had a simple question that could have waited until tomorrow.

You’re on vacation, and before you left work, you told your partner not to contact you unless there’s an emergency. Your partner texts you to say that an order didn’t go out on time, and a client is threatening to switch suppliers. You spend the rest of your day consulting with your partner, the shipping department and said client.

It’s the weekend and you’re relaxing on the couch, but your brain is still at work. You spent the past week trying to fix a kink in your marketing funnel, and the solution has just popped into your head. You want to tell your team immediately, but you also don’t want to annoy them.

Wouldn’t this new bill fix all of these issues?

What if we told you that this bill doesn’t need to be passed for you to stop working after hours?

You don’t need a bill to give you permission to ignore work texts or emails. You can give yourself permission to ignore these messages. OR, you can choose to check the message, and not allow its content to stress you out. You can even answer the message if you want and not let it bother you.

Does this all sound easier said than done? Sure, it’s one thing to say that you’ll stop working after business hours, but it’s another thing to put that into practice. If your life feels like one continuous work day, let’s talk! We can help you design a life that works for you.

Start by assessing your frame of mind.

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