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When Kim Can’t Find The Words

by Kate Hefford February 6, 2017

tongue tied
Do words ever escape you? Do you wonder if you are bordering on some type of memory-loss dementia? It’s not unusual.

Kim Ades and I talk on the phone multiple times a week. We talk about marketing strategies, client status updates, speaking engagement requests and developing FOM Coaching programs. Sometimes, she just calls me to ask for an FOM-related document, presentation, photo, etc.

The other day, however, Kim asked me for “that sheet.”

“What sheet?” I asked.

“You know, that sheet! The one that describes what I speak about – what’s it called again?”

Eventually, we deduced that she needed copies of her presentation outlines.

“What is wrong with me today?” she asked. “I asked Allan earlier for ‘that thing that makes me taller.’”

“You mean high heels?”

“No, a step ladder! I mean, a stool! I can’t seem to find my words today.”

We then started talking about a meditation class that she attended the night before. Kim spoke passionately about what she learned there. She described the class eloquently and in great detail. She shared several stories and complex concepts and did so with ease. She didn’t struggle to find her words once.

“I found my words again!” she exclaimed. “How crazy is that − five minutes ago, I couldn’t remember the word ‘presentation.’”

When Kim talks about what she’s passionate about, she lights up and her words flow effortlessly. But when she talks about something that is less intrinsic to her world, she is not as focused and her words fail her. The contrast is stark.

This conversation allowed Kim to see that when she can’t find the right words, it’s an indication that the subject matter is not vital to her. When the subject is something meaningful, or something that she’s passionate about, she is never at a loss for words. It’s as though she saves up her energy for what’s really important.

If you’ve ever listened to a podcast interview with Kim or been coached by her, you know that she has the ability to share ideas with fluidity and ease. She tells stories and introduces her audience to concepts that are challenging, new and edgy. She truly shines when she is put on the spot.

She is energized when she talks about coaching, journaling, thought mastery, leadership, parenting and relationships. Her passion is explosive and it’s contagious. In these moments, there is certainly nothing wrong with her ability to communicate! She is in the zone, and demonstrates her expertise gracefully.

What topics of conversation excite you when you talk about them? Which words come out of your mouth effortlessly? What excites you and keeps you engaged?

Those topics are a reflection of your interests and passions. They are what pump you up. They are what you want to be doing more of. Pay attention: what are you talking about and how easily are the words coming out of your mouth?

If you’re not sure what you’re passionate about or simply aren’t living your passion, working with an FOM coach can get you where you want to be.

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