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What’s Stopping You?

by Frame of Mind July 9, 2015

One of the things that we come up against regularly is a potential client who wants to improve their quality of life but cannot bring themselves to be completely honest and open with their struggles.  That resistance changes dramatically once they begin their coaching experience with us.

Journaling is an incredible means of getting your thoughts and emotions down in a place where you can see them, reference them, look back on them and understand how they held you back for so long.

Journaling is one of the key components of our success. We strongly encourage our clients to journal daily in our secure, private and interactive online journal.  They respond to weekly prompts with what’s going on, even going off-topic or on tangents when they feel the need.  And we’re good with that.

The more our clients journal, the better we are able to get to the foundation of what is keeping them from living the life they desire but cannot seem to achieve.  The more they expose what is really holding them back, the higher they soar.  And the truly incredible thing is that the higher they soar, the more they leave their fears behind.  They discover that they don’t need to hold onto the things that don’t serve them.  And when they do that, opportunities show up for them in unbelievable ways.

Our team of Certified Frame of Mind Coaches are trained to read and respond to journals in a way that elicits movement for the client. In fact, the primary requirement for our potential coaches is that they themselves get coached!  So give yourself the opportunity to experience the effectiveness of journaling and the power of Frame of Mind Coaching.

Click here to take our Frame of Mind Assessment and get a glimpse of how your thoughts are impacting your results. Make sure you fill in the journaling questions at the end, and then set up a call with us to discuss your responses. Let your world open up.  Soar to new heights.  Live the life you really really want.   You’ve waited long enough.  Start now.

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