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by Frame of Mind May 17, 2017

FOM Methods
We wrapped up our most recent FOM Methods session last weekend. FOM Methods is for leaders who want to up their game by learning leadership and coaching skills to bring back to their work and home environments. It’s for individuals who have experienced Frame of Mind Coaching™ and are ready to go to the next level.

It’s difficult to express exactly what participants experienced during this intense and intimate program. How do you put into words the impact that four jam-packed days of journaling, sharing, coaching, leading, learning and growing has on someone? Perhaps it’s best to describe what it actually feels like to be there and the feelings that attendees are left with once it’s over:

Being in a room with the Frame of Mind Coaching™ family is unlike being anywhere else in the world. It’s a judgment-free zone dedicated entirely to the personal and professional growth of everyone there. Being among people from all over North America with a similar frame of mind feels comfortable, safe and warm.

It’s also emotional, providing an opportunity to dig deep and deal with real issues that are standing in the way of success. The best part is that participants are provided immediate coaching that allows them to address any struggle that they are experiencing and adopt new solutions and strategies with ease.

FOM Methods also challenges participants to really examine and hone their leadership skills. It pushes them to lead from a position of strength and vision.

FOM Methods

After leaving FOM Methods, participants feel relieved, motivated and energized. They have been taught the coaching skills required to be effective leaders, parents, partners, spouses and friends.

Our next FOM Methods session will be taking place in November 2017. To save your spot or to learn more, please reach out to us here. All past Frame of Mind Coaching™ clients are welcome!

If you have yet to be coached with us, now is the time! We would love for you to join our growing family.

Your first step is to take our quick and insightful FOM Coaching™ Assessment.


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