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What my Son Remembers

by Carla Reeves November 13, 2015

Wherever my 11-year-old son goes, he accidentally leaves something of his behind. Shoes, socks, instruments, clothes… you name it, he’s forgotten it somewhere at some point.

A few weeks ago, I was at the door picking him up from a family friend’s home. We were gathering his things from the night before when my friend handed me a bag of things that he had left behind during previous visits. We giggled as she made a little joke about how he always forgets something.

I talked to that friend the next day on the phone. What she said on the phone has stuck with me ever since.

She said, “I want you to know, Carla, that while your son may forget his things, he never forgets to be kind to his friends.”

My heart swelled. I thanked her and we hung up the phone.

Her compliment about my son played over and over in my mind all day. How cool is it that we can touch people’s lives with our words and perspectives just by sharing them? I made sure to tell my son what she said when he came home from school.

And what an incredible gift she had given me with those words! It was the gift of a glimpse into how she sees and witnesses my son. It was also the gift of a new perspective.

It’s so easy to focus on how he forgets his things and to overlook the other side – what he doesn’t forget, what he remembers.

He remembers to be kind. He remembers to say “thank you.” He remembers to do his homework. He remembers to extend a helping hand. There is so much that he doesn’t forget. I will never look at his forgetfulness the same way. It is forever shifted in my mind.

You can do this for the people in your life, and for yourself, too. Don’t focus on what you aren’t good at – focus on what you are great at.

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