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What Do you Think About your Boss?

by Amy McGrath September 24, 2014

Do you resent your boss? I’m talking about a resentment that makes you cringe at the thought of communicating with the person who holds the key to your climb up the corporate ladder. Interactions have become painful for you. The feedback always seems to be negative. It feels like this person is purposefully out to get you and is holding you back. Sometimes you fantasize about making a change that involves you going out in a blaze of glory – after you’ve got that other job lined up, of course.

Your BossBefore you schedule a meeting with the HR department or make a reckless decision to leave your job, here’s some food for thought: You hate your boss because you think that your boss is a jerk who has no idea how to utilize your amazing talent. Dwelling in this perception of your boss – and it is a perception even though you may have evidence to support its accuracy – is what causes you to feel unappreciated and resentful. Whether it’s true or not, this perception is harmful to you. It puts you in a negative space every time you see your boss, hear his/her voice, sense his/her presence nearby or read one of his/her emails. That’s a problem – a problem of perception.

So what if you were to focus on something different? What if you were able to look at your boss and actually collect evidence that he/she values you and respects your opinion, instead of collecting evidence of the alternative? What if you could shift your perception, and stop expecting your boss to cause you headaches, treat you unfairly and undervalue your talent?

If you could really believe that, you would suddenly begin to feel appreciated. You would share your opinion more. You would feel more at ease around your boss. Eventually, you would even feel powerfully influential in the relationship. Your talent would begin to shine through. Your impact at work would be more tangible. Your relationship would drastically change without you leaving your job, having an outburst or bringing in HR.

Perhaps you feel undervalued and infuriated in some of your other relationships as well. In these relationships, you see the other person underestimating you, disrespecting you, taking advantage and not appreciating you fully.

What if you shifted your perception in all of your relationships and began looking for examples where the other person wasn’t treating you disrespectfully?

Before you throw your hands up in exasperation, you may want to try changing your perception…


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