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We don’t normally do this, but…

by Frame of Mind March 25, 2016

This article is all about us.

We really don’t normally do this!

We love providing you with kick-ass content like how-to articles, life tips and mindset hacks. We want you to get real, life-changing value from everything we post.

We have resisted being self-promotional, but today, we want to take some time to share with you the incredible impact of FOM Coaching™.

About Frame of Mind Coaching™
Frame of Mind Coaching™ is an extensive coaching process that examines how one’s thinking leads them to the outcomes they experience in their lives – both positive and negative. It is built on the premise that thought precedes all action, and that the mastery of thought is the key to extraordinary success. We equip our clients with the tools and framework for thought mastery using daily online interactive journaling coupled with 1-1 coaching as the gateway for massive transformation.

Many of the outcomes that our clients experience as a result of Frame of Mind Coaching™ include intangibles such as: a higher degree of peacefulness, reduced stress, increased confidence, better relationships and significantly greater happiness. Our clients also report tangible results such as: increased revenues, promotions, recruiting victories, new client acquisitions, better team performance, in addition to the attainment of more personal goals such as getting married, achieving weight-loss, travel, home purchases and even reduced blood pressure.

We also have pages of testimonials. Here is a taste of what others have to say about us:

Carla Webb

Within the first three sessions, I already felt much lighter. I used to wake up with dread every morning, and it was all to do with work. Before coaching, I always focused on my role at work, the stress I felt and the weight of the load I was carrying. And now I don’t focus on it. I was able to put into place ways of organizing my days and my work. I identified what it is that only I can do. On a personal level, I trust myself again. I am now able to be more adventurous and less rigid. -Carla Webb

John Shumate

I was at a crossroads in life. I was growing a new company. I was going through a divorce. I was in the process of moving cities. I’m also a stage four cancer patient. So there was a lot of flux in my life. It was tremendously helpful to have someone to be a partner in working out my different challenges. It was like having a board member to report to; my coach gave me advice, pointed out different ways in which I could think about things, was truly honest and shared my victories with me. -John Shumate

Deb Staley

I had lost all my confidence in absolutely every aspect of my life. I had previously worked for myself for twenty years, so having to take a job working for someone else felt like an extreme set back. Thanks to coaching, I am now back to working for myself, in real estate, fulltime. And I am a lot more positive. I have tried to be a positive person my whole life, but before, I was faking it. Now I actually feel positive when I interact with people. -Deb Staley

Adam LevinterCoaching has affected the way that I approach my day, how I operate and how I show up. My stress level is a lot lower than it was before. I was a controlling micro-manager, whereas now, my hands aren’t so tightly gripped around the wheel. I feel more positive energy and flow and my business is better because of this new approach. -Adam Levinter

(Click for more testimonials.)

So, have we piqued your interest? If you think that you could benefit from coaching – and we promise you that you could – we invite you to get started with us by assessing your frame of mind.

Our assessment gives you an opportunity to take stock of where you are in your life on a personal and professional level. This is a critical starting point if you want to reach your goals or get to a new destination. The assessment also allows you to experience journaling with feedback from a coach, which is the foundation of the Frame of Mind Coaching™ process.

After completing the assessment, we’ll reach out to you to schedule a call with one of our wonderful coaches to review your assessment with you.

We also encourage you to send this link to anyone in your life who you think could use a little help.

Thank you for reading all about us, and don’t forget to take our assessment!

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