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Want Something Done Well? Stop Doing It Yourself

by Frame of Mind October 15, 2014

Stop doing it yourself
There’s a funny cartoon about a king who is hard at work, striping lines on the pavement. The queen, standing nearby, is scolding her husband, saying, “You have to delegate some authority!”

In your efforts to get things done perfectly, have you become the impractical king?

It can be hard to hand over even the smallest of responsibilities to others when you are equipped with the belief that you must do things yourself if you want them done right.

This belief may be leading to an overwhelming workload, burnout, stress, overwhelm, confusion and, ironically enough, a job not well done at all.

When you tell yourself that you must do everything, an interesting thing starts to happen. Your agenda starts out with one project, but before long it is crammed with things to do – tasks you don’t want to spend time on, tasks you find daunting and tasks that are beyond your skillset. With every task you complete, a new task fills its place. You become a workaholic with so much on your plate that you have trouble keeping up with it all.

Instead of putting pressure on yourself to do it all, can you relinquish some of your control?

Look for a coach, a virtual assistant, an accountant, a repairperson, a lawyer, a cleaning person, a gardener, a professional writer or a strategic consultant who can get the job done.

There may be a family member, a friend or a co-worker willing and able to chip in.

Instead of dividing your attention, try delegating some of the responsibilities that you find exhausting and frustrating. Then, focus your efforts on tasks that energize you and leverage your strengths.

Recognize that there are a lot of people close-by who are more able than you are at certain tasks, and that the cost of spreading yourself thin is far higher than enlisting their help. Taking it all on yourself can lead to tension in your relationships, distrust of others and a limitation of your potential.

If you’re feeling like it’s all on you, you may want to examine where your self-sufficiency is turning into self-sabotage.

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