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Coach Spotlight: Wanda Slater

by Frame of Mind June 16, 2018

FOM Coach Wanda Slater shares what her experience getting coached with Frame of Mind Coaching™ was like and why she decided to become a coach!

Wanda Slater
How did you hear about Frame of Mind Coaching™?
I was invited to attend an FOM Coaching™ presentation hosted by Amy Scupham and Becca Buttermore, two senior FOM Coaches. It was awesome. The presentation challenged many of our fundamental beliefs. I raised my children in a similar way — to believe that we always have choice, we don’t have to be stuck where we are and that just because something may look one way doesn’t mean that’s how it is. But I never had a framework for any of it. FOM Coaching™ provided the framework. During the presentation, I found myself thinking, “I get this! I like this a lot!”

What were you struggling with prior to coaching?
I had recently moved back to my hometown to be near my family, but there was a lot that came along with it. When I would visit my parents, I felt like I needed to wear armor to protect myself. I found a lot of what they said to be offensive.

I was also in a leadership role and sometimes found myself in conflict with another leader. They had a tendency to micromanage, which really clashed with my management style. I didn’t know how to navigate that relationship.

How did coaching impact that?
Coaching taught me that when I anticipated negative behavior from others, that’s what I get from them. I learned that regardless of what people say or do, I don’t have to take it on, I don’t have to understand it and I don’t have to take it personally. I can just accept them for who they are and how they show up.

I also learned that my responsibility in any role is to take care of myself, to see the best in others and to understand that they may simply have different goals than me. I was able to be a much more effective leader after realizing that.

You were coached back in 2015 – do you still apply what you learned in coaching to your life now?
Every day and multiple times a day, and when I don’t, that’s when I get into trouble! In both personal and professional settings, I remind myself that I can choose how I react (or not react). Sometimes in the heat of the moment, we’re so focused on what’s bothering us that we forget that we don’t have to let it bother us. It’s in moments like that I remember what I learned in coaching and it brings me back down to earth.

Why did you decide to pursue becoming an FOM Coach?
I was interested in becoming an FOM Coach from the very beginning. I felt immediately connected to it. Then to experience the coaching process and the journaling – it was so powerful. I’ve always been drawn to helping others and showing them ways to think differently, and people have always come to me for advice. When thinking about becoming an FOM Coach, the shoe just fit without even having to try it on.

What type of people do you coach?
I coach high achievers and highly focused individuals, business owners and leaders who are stuck and struggling. They’re interested in self growth, broadening their horizons and finding new ways to think and be in the world so that they can feel peace, love and joy. In addition to finding success in dollars, it’s about finding success in life.

What is your impact on your coaching clients?
I help them see their power and what their unique strengths are. For example, I recently finished coaching a woman working in a male dominated industry who often felt that she wasn’t good enough and didn’t fit in, despite the positive feedback she was receiving. I helped her see that she has value and that she’s making a true impact.

What do you get out of coaching others?
I get everything out of it. It is incredible to get off the phone with someone and have them tell me that they feel amazing. They feel relieved to know that they can be themselves and can step into their natural strengths.

When I know I’ve helped someone transition something difficult into something light, it makes me profoundly happy. They can stop beating themselves up and they can breathe again. It’s like having a great acupuncturist that can release the tension that you didn’t even know you had.

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