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Client Spotlight: Valerie Van Cleef

by Frame of Mind March 28, 2014

Name: Valerie Van Cleef

Job: Branch Manager at Signature Premiere Properties

Coaching period: 10 weeks of group coaching with coaches Adi Tamam and Dave Gorham

Why did you decide to get coached when you did?
I was in a state of uncertainty and dissatisfaction in some areas of my life. I was in a marriage for 33 years that wasn’t working. I had been with a company for 22 years that wasn’t sustaining me financially. I was a real estate manager and knew I wanted to bring my agents to a higher level of production and recruiting. Kim was a guest speaker at a company event, and I was introduced to Adi and David after I expressed interest in signing up for FOM coaching. I felt like coaching would benefit me; I had no idea at the time how much it would benefit me.

What did you learn about yourself through coaching?
I learned that I want to lead an honest life. It’s important to me to be honest about how satisfied I am with my career, relationships and finances. Instead of covering things up and hoping they would change on their own, I started taking control of what I wanted. After 33 years of marriage, I separated from my husband. After 22 years at my job, I decided to take a job elsewhere that could sustain me better financially. I came out of coaching feeling like the truth sets you free, and I had what I needed to make change.

How has coaching affected your personal and professional life?
Coaching was tremendously insightful; it helped me clarify what I really wanted. I learned that it’s true – what you focus on grows! I now recognize when my beliefs and attitudes are negative and negatively influencing my actions. I learned how to address my limiting perspectives, attitudes and behaviours, as well as how to identify and push through my fears. Coaching helped me build my confidence and recognize the value I bring to the table.

I have enhanced my leadership style and relationships at work by taking what I’ve learned at FOM and teaching it to my agents– helping them identify the self-limiting behaviours preventing them from success.

What made this coaching program unique for you?
I think that compared to other coaching programs, Frame of Mind Coaching distinguishes itself because it gives you the tools to learn how to coach yourself. After finishing my 10 weeks, I found that if I got emotionally distraught about something, I would say to myself, “What would Adi or Dave tell me?” This allowed me to separate my emotions and look at the situation from a better perspective. Going through FOM Coaching made me stronger, more self-aware person so I could better help myself with some of my personal issues. Some other coaching programs are designed so you will lean on them forever.

Where are you now?
Three years later, I can say that this is the happiest I’ve been in many years. I recently took a new job position that puts me in an even better space professionally. I’m working with people I love and I’m working within a culture I love. I’ve been thinking about starting to date, as I work through my fears about being in a new relationship…I’m open to one day getting married again.

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