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Upcoming Webinar for Coaches and Trainers

by Frame of Mind October 9, 2014

So you’ve got clients…now what?!

As a coach or therapist, you’ve probably asked yourself the following questions:

  • How do I WOW my clients?
  • How do I connect with them on a deeper level?
  • How do I set up a process that keeps clients on track?
  • How do I quickly establish trust and intimacy?
  • How do I guarantee coaching impact?

This is where online journaling comes in.

On Wednesday October 15 at 1 pm EST, join us for a special webinar which will address each of the above questions.

Creating a Phenomenal Experience: How Online Journaling can help you Accelerate Your Clients’ Results & Sell with More Confidence

Carla Reeves, VP of Business Development at JournalEngine™ and Dr. Jessica Michaelson, Psychologist and founder of Early Parenthood Support, will be pulling back the curtain and sharing how they have incorporated online journaling into their practices to achieve astonishing results.

Join them as they share:

  • How to incorporate an online journal into your business to deepen and accelerate your clients’ results
  • How using an online journal is WAY better than email
  • How to set up expectations around journaling so you can be at your clients’ fingertips without over-extending yourself and burning out
  • How online journaling allows you to work fewer hours, raise your rates, and sell with complete confidence

Don’t miss out!


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