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Client Spotlight: Tom Bastek

by Frame of Mind January 16, 2015

Today’s Client Spotlight: Thomas Bastek
Career: Travel Writer
Coaching: 10 weeks 1-on-1 with FOM Coach Matthew Walley, ongoing

Why did you decide to pursue FOM coaching?
I was in a very bad place in my life and I needed some guidance. Matthew, who is also a friend of mine, had recently become a coach and had also had a great experience being coached with FOM. Since he already knew a lot about me, he was able to get to the core of my problems quickly.

How would you describe your life before and after FOM?
My wife says it best when she says that I used to be ‘happy Tommy.’ I was somebody that had all of the self-confidence in the world and could do anything that I wanted to. I could look at a building, decide that I was going to work there, and six months later, I would be. I manifested positive thoughts into reality.

Then, a couple of negative events in my life took me away from that. I had hit a dead end. I was less patient, less happy with myself, and less confident. I wasn’t in my comfort zone and I didn’t think I could accomplish anything. After coaching, I’m back and better than where I was before. I now consider how my daily actions and thoughts affect my life.

For example, when bowling, I used to get really upset. I was unsatisfied no matter how well I played. This was until coaching taught me to live in the now and that I can only affect what I’m doing – I can’t control what others do or what goes on around me. Immediately after completing the ten-week program, I threw a perfect game. I could have never done that without coaching because I was never in the right frame of mind to do so.

How did journaling affect your coaching experience?
Journaling was one of the biggest challenges for me. It made me stop and look at what I’d done during the day, and concentrate on my thoughts, actions and feelings. That is something that I had never done prior to this. I was very pleasantly surprised by how well it worked.

Would you recommend FOM to others?
I have already recommended it to many people in my life. I’m a huge fan of it.

Any other thoughts on FOM?
It’s great that FOM has Matthew as a coach. He’s really good at this because he’s so passionate about it. I’m so glad that FOM has been an outlet for him and for me as well. Down the road, I would be interested in being a coach as well.

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