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The Value of Testimonials

by Frame of Mind March 26, 2015

You always hear how important it is to get testimonials in order to promote your business or to support the value of what you offer to people.  References and testimonials are quite possibly two of the most important facets of building a business or offering a service.  Why?  I’ll tell you.

At Frame of Mind Coaching, we offer tremendous value to our clients.  We also produce life-changing results…not only for our clients, but for our coaches as well.  We examine the thoughts that hold you back and keep you from reaching your goals, and we teach you how to master your thinking in order to create extraordinary results.  And we do it in 10 weeks.  We could advertise and promote the company and what we do till the cows come home.  But testimonials and referrals provide so much more — they provide a first-hand account of the experience.  They provide a personal connection that no amount of advertising could buy.  At Frame of Mind Coaching, our clients consistently and repeatedly provide incredible testimonials. highlighting life-altering results.

In order to become a certified Frame of Mind Coach, one must themselves be coached and go through the FOM Coaching program before certification even begins.  It’s the only way to ensure that when our clients come to the table, they will be supported by the very best and by people who have been there and who ‘get it’.

There is a reason that our clients (and our coaches!) are raving fans.  Below are two examples of the impact that our coaching has had on the people in our world.  Read them, and then take our assessment.  You will receive a complimentary call from Kim Ades, creator and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching.  It may very well be the phone call that puts you on the path to a new world.


Post-Coaching Assessment

By Angee,
FOM Coaching client

Angee filled out this assessment after completion of a 10-week coaching experience with Coach Amy McGrath.  Here are her thoughts:

How would you rate your overall coaching experience?(10 being the best, 1 being the worst)
How would you rate the coaching expertise of your coach?(10 being the most, 1 being the least)
How would you rate the effectiveness of your coach?(10 being the most, 1 being the least)
How would you rate the availability of your coach?(10 being the most, 1 being the least)
How would you rate the responsiveness of your coach?(10 being the most, 1 being the least)
How well did you trust your coach?(10 being the most, 1 being the least)
How useful was the journaling in your coaching process?(10 being the most, 1 being the least)
How well were your expectations met?(10 being the most, 1 being the least)
Why did you come to coaching?
I was stuck. I was hopeless and overwhelmed. I couldn’t trust any decision I made. I was very judgmental.
How did you hear about Frame of Mind Coaching?
I have been subscribing to the newsletter for years and never really thought about it until there was a mention of an interview Kim did with Journal Talk. I listened to it and was reminded of her brilliance.
Did you investigate other coaches before choosing Frame of Mind Coaching?
What were the deciding factors in choosing FOM Coaching?
Kim made a comment on the interview that FOM is holistic and looks at every aspect of your life not just one area. I needed that. All the other coaches I considered only focused on one aspect of my life.
What did you learn about yourself?
How many things I thought were true were just beliefs in my head. I learned that I had been bumping up against painful things for so long I no longer felt the pain. I lived in judgement land and I was trying to control people and situations.
What surprised you in the process, if anything?
How I would write a journal post and Amy would write back or discuss it during our call and she would translate it in a way that was so amazing. She would describe a feeling further than I could express it.
If there was anything missing from your coaching experience, what was it?
If you could change something about your coaching experience, what would it be?
How did the journaling impact your coaching experience?
Because I trusted the process, I was open to being honest in my journaling. This allowed Amy to dig really deep and do her magic. I don’t think our coaching would have been as valuable without it.
Are you interested in more coaching?
Please share your testimonial here, including where you were before coaching and the tangible outcomes of coaching for you.
A huge shout out to my coach Amy McGrath. God has truly given her a gift and she totally got inside my head, which is a scary task or it used to be anyway. Before working with Amy, I was in a constant state of worry, overwhelmed, unsure of my steps and un-trusting of my decisions. I was hopeless. Now I am much more peaceful in my mind. I don’t worry and if something does pop in my head that isn’t serving me, I have the tools to manage it so I don’t have to get stuck. I am only responsible for my own thoughts and actions. When we started working together she asked me on a scale of 1 to 10 how clear I was on my purpose. I rated it as a 2. Today she asked me the same question and I rated it as a 10! Thank you Amy for given me the most amazing and precious tools ever to help me change the truths in my head. What we focus on grows for sure. My life has changed forever in the most amazing way.
Would you be open to introducing your FOM Coach to one person you know who might benefit from this experience?
Please provide us with any additional comments you have.
This was a life changing experience. I am so glad I took the step and thank you Kim for holding my hand along the way and making me feel safe and secure. Your help made all the difference in my decision.



A Journal Excerpt

By Adi,
Certified FOM Coach

This is an excerpt from a journal written on Wednesday morning, by one of our FOM Coaches.  It speaks to the mindset created by the Frame of Mind Coaching program.  Adi was certified in 2010, and has been a valued member of the team ever since.

“It’s 12:18am. Worked until 5:30pm. Volunteered. Went to a one on one kickboxing lesson, got my ass whooped! That was intense and invigorating. Definitely feels good, even though my body is sore.

I noticed my inner voice, in the moments where my coach was pushing me, and having me go beyond my limits – that voice saying “I can’t” … I heard it, I heard myself even saying it out loud – and then I felt my body weaken. I stopped myself and said “I can” – felt the pain and pushed.

It’s unbelievable how automatic “I can’t” is… that thought, that belief. Despite that noise in my mind, what I wanted more was to show myself that I can and I did.

My inner dialogue, “Why are you telling yourself you can’t? You can. Move it”… push. The desire for what I want must be greater. At the end of the workout, I’m finished, however I feel like a million bucks.

How often does this “I can’t” show up in my life? Sometimes it’s loud and sometimes it’s subtle. I ask myself where do I need to plug in “I can”? Simple, and powerful.

The need to be challenged, to overcome, to persevere – it’s a real need that I have. It’s always there. There’s always a next level to grow into.

I told myself earlier this year that I want to see my body sharp like my mind. To know that I can do it. It’s amazing what we can accomplish; human beings are just amazing.”


There is a reason why our clients are raving fans.  Click here to take our assessment, and get ready to change your life!

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