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The Talk of the Town

by Frame of Mind September 13, 2017

FOM Methods is an in-person, hands-on, interactive, personal and transformative program hosted by Kim Ades, the President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching. This four day program is for people who are committed to learning how to be more effective as coaches and how to dramatically step up their impact as leaders in their environments.

Here are some comments from past FOM Methods participants…

“FOM Methods will allow you to learn more about the ins and outs of the Frame of Mind Coaching philosophy while filling you up with enormous amounts of energy and perspective on how to tackle your challenges with greater ease.”
-Frank Furbacher, FOM coach

“Whether you are a coach or a leader, this experience will rock your world, give you insights into motivation, limiting beliefs and moving forward. A must for those strong enough to face the tough stuff, accept it with love and grow from it personally and professionally.”
-Amy Hawke

“If you are feeling stuck, if you know that there’s an answer but have no idea how to find it, or if you are desperate for some clarity and direction, FOM Methods will completely change your trajectory. It is four days of pure movement. It changes my life for the better every time I come.”
-Becca Buttermore, FOM coach

“Kim is a great leader and trainer. I watched her in awe as she was able to coach each person on the spot. It was amazing to see how she could deal with an issue immediately without having to take time to think about what to say or how to handle it. She has a very firm grasp of the FOM Principles and was excellent at conveying the essence of each idea.”
-Alisa Smith

“This event is a very important part of my year. It is my educational ‘spa.’”
-Chari Schwartz, FOM coach

“FOM Methods is an annual event for me. It’s where I come to learn new ideas, refresh some old ones and connect in a way that does not happen elsewhere.”
-Dana Treffler

“I know many others have already said this, but I love FOM Coaching because it has changed my life in ways I never imagined! And the exciting part is I’m not done. There’s always more to learn and room to grow. This group is exceptional and outstanding in the areas of love and support!!”
-Tawni Maxwell

Our next FOM Methods session will take place from November 1-5, 2017 in Toronto! To sign up or learn more, reach out to Kim Ades at

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