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The Reboot Your Brain Summit

by Frame of Mind April 15, 2016

Reboot Your Brain Summit
Leah Lund, aka The Brain Makeover Coach, has invited Kim Ades, President and Founder of FOM Coaching, to be part of an incredible online event that will show you how to reboot your brain and tune up your mind in order to experience success and happiness in your personal and professional life. As a featured expert, Kim can extend the invitation to you to listen to the entire event (not just her interview) free of charge!

To gain access to the Reboot Your Brain Summit, CLICK HERE!

For two weeks, Leah will be interviewing the leading experts (authors, doctors, psychologists, scientists, and TV, radio and internet personalities) on brain health, neuropsychology, nutritional psychology, neural programming and thought management.

You will learn very specific strategies to:
-Build mental agility to navigate the ever changing world
-Transform your life personally and professionally
-Change habits and stop addictions
-Develop emotional resilience
-Feed and care for your brain

It’s simple to take advantage of your free access to this incredible online event. CLICK HERE to reserve your spot!

Could your mind use a tune-up? Are there parts of your life that just aren’t working? Assess your frame of mind!

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