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Client Spotlight: Terry Lyons

by Frame of Mind November 21, 2014

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Today’s Client Spotlight: Terry Lyons
Job:  IT Contractor and Architectural Photographer
Coaching: 10 weeks coaching with Quinton, certified FOM Coach

Why did you decide to pursue coaching with Frame of Mind Coaching?
After working in the IT field for 15 years as a contractor, I was trying to figure out what to do next.  I was in a headspace where I felt that my life was monotonous. I was staying safe in pursuing my big ideas and aspirations and I wasn’t advancing towards my goals. I would wake up in the same room each day, go through the same routine, wake up and start over. I wanted more.

I tuned into a podcast called “Magnificent Time” and Kim was a guest on the show. I listened to Kim’s podcast several times because it really struck a chord with me, and soon afterwards I decided to pursue coaching with FOM Coaching.

What was your coaching experience like?
It was insightful. It was wonderful to have a second party observe my thoughts and listen to me speak without judgement.  Quinton pointed out how my thinking patterns were directly contributing to my outlook and my circumstances.

We often get stuck because we rummage over the same information in our own heads without getting any new ideas. Through coaching, I was able to refresh my line of thinking. For example, when my brain would instinctively tell me, “You’re an idiot,” Quinton challenged me to come at it from a different, more realistic and kinder point of view.

I just feel lighter in my thinking now. I’m not as consumed by negative thinking. I know I have a choice in every decision of my thoughts and I can prevent myself from going downhill. I can decide that where I am in this moment is perfect.

How did journaling affect your coaching experience?
Journaling was a big emotional release and it allowed me to get my thoughts out on paper. Every week, Quinton read and responded to my journals, and then we discussed the week’s content in our coaching calls. This gave me control over the topics that we focused on in the coaching process. Journaling helped give Quinton insight into my current state of mind.

What was your relationship like with your coach?
I would say we were like brothers. Not only was I opening up my heart to him, but he was sharing with me as well and relating to my struggles.

What are some things that you learned from coaching?
I’ve always grown up thinking that it’s the world against me; that I was at a disadvantage and being victimized.  Quinton pointed this out, and it was a huge epiphany for me. Once I realized I was doing this to myself, it was like a knock on the head. At that point, I was able to detect how my thinking over 40 years had been creating my reality. Becoming aware of this allowed me to shift my perspective and stop myself when I viewed myself as the victim.

I used to approach people thinking they already thought negatively of me. I don’t think that anymore. I moved to a new neighbourhood recently and I’ve been pretty fearless about going out and making new friends, whereas in the past I wasn’t as open to this.  I see the biggest changes in my current reality – these changes are a reflection of who I have become.

It’s nice having a coach to bounce ideas off of. There are many things we think we know, but it helps having a coach to reiterate the point. Without a coach, without someone reminding you to improve your frame of mind, much of it falls by the wayside.

How does FOM Coaching differ from other coaching programs?
Other coaching that I’ve done has mostly been goal-oriented, with a lesson or two about life and an assignment to practice that lesson. Frame of Mind Coaching is more client-focused, and it was tailored to what I needed on any particular week.

What would you tell people about Frame of Mind Coaching ?
I would tell people that the staff at Frame of Mind Coaching are outstanding individuals truly dedicated to the work they’re doing.

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