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Taking a Long Shot

by Kim Ades August 10, 2017

The year was 2006. I was a single mother of two, so strategic planning and scheduling was critical to effective day-to-day operations. I was in Colorado for a business meeting and my kids were with their father while I was away. My plan was to return on Friday afternoon, just in time for a Billy Joel concert with a friend, pick up my kids on Saturday and then host a birthday party for my daughter on Sunday.

Things did not go according to plan.

When I arrived at the airport for my flight home, the woman at the Air Canada desk informed me that there was a bit of a delay. No problem, I thought as I settled into a chair to wait.

But then there was another delay. And then another delay. And then… the flight was cancelled.

I was told to come back the next day at 5:00 am. So I called my friend to tell him to grab the concert tickets from my house and go with someone else. I wound up spending the whole night at the airport, “sleeping” on a chair.

At 5:00 am, I promptly went to the Air Canada customer service desk. As soon as I arrived, I noticed an Hours of Operation sign – they wouldn’t be open for another hour and there was already a long line up in front of me! After waiting for nearly two hours, it was finally my turn. I approached the counter, only to be told that my flight out was cancelled again and I would have to stay another night.

That was absolutely not an option for me. I could stand missing Billy Joel, but there was no way I would miss my daughter’s birthday.

As I pleaded and begged with the lady at the desk to find me a flight home, a fellow passenger who was standing right beside me empathized with my situation.

“You should call the President of Air Canada and complain,” he said.

Here is the thought that swirled around in my brain when he said that: “Hmm – that’s an idea… I really have nothing to lose… how would I find the phone number?”

In that moment, I called my brother and asked him to look up the phone number for Montie Brewer, the President and CEO of Air Canada at that time. He gave me a number, letting me know that he wasn’t sure if it was the right one.

I dialed nonetheless. After a few rings, a woman answered the phone.

“Is Montie Brewer there, please?” I asked.

“I’m sorry, he’s not here right now. Can I take a message?”

“My name is Kim Ades. I’m in Colorado right now and my flight has been cancelled twice. I am a single mother and I need to get home to my kids right away. Can you please ask him to call me back?”

“I’ll give him the message, but just so you know, I’m ONLY his wife,” was her reply. Holy smokes – I had called his house!

Fifteen minutes later, I received a call from an Air Canada representative. “Ms. Ades, your flight to Toronto will be leaving in an hour.”

I often tell this story when I am presenting in front of a group of entrepreneurs. Before giving away the whole story, I place them in my shoes and ask, “What would you have done? Would you have called the President?”

100% of the time, the audience answers, “No. There is no point. There is a very low likelihood of reaching him and chances are that he won’t even be able to help. It’s a long shot and it’s a waste of time.”

After I share the whole story, I ask the following question, “If you had to hire a salesperson, would you want to hire the person who takes the long shot, or the person who doesn’t even try?”

Your thinking will determine what you achieve. In fact, your thinking will determine everything that happens in your life, what you try, what you don’t try and every outcome you experience. If you don’t think something will work out, it won’t. By the same token, if you believe that you will be successful, you will win way more often than you lose.

So how do you learn to trade up thoughts like, “This will never work” to “It’s worth a shot”?

By working on your Frame of Mind!

Our coaches have been thoroughly trained in the FOM Methodology. They can show you how to move the thoughts that keep you trapped and paralyzed out of your way so that you can experience all that you really, really want in life.

Start by taking our unique FOM assessment. We’ll reach out to discuss your results and give you a free, no obligation coaching call with us at the same time.

We promise, it’s not a long shot and it will be well worth your time 🙂

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