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Structure vs Spontaneity

by Kate Hefford November 9, 2017

Hilary Bigel, Kim Ades and Kate Hefford
Hey everyone!

Last week, I wrote about our upcoming FOM Methods program and how I planned to participate in it fully rather than observe it from the sidelines. If you missed my article, check it out here: Do You Struggle to Commit?

Since FOM Methods wrapped up this past Sunday, I wanted to take this opportunity to share what actually went down.

To begin with, we didn’t exactly follow our agenda, but I’m OK with that. In general, I like when things go according to plan, but at Methods, you never know what to expect!

On the first day, we followed our agenda almost to a T. The next day, we started to quicken our pace. By day three, it was clear that we might as well throw our agendas out the window. We went really deep.

Everyone got coached extensively on what they were struggling with, and everyone was given the tools to push past their current barriers. As one participant said in her end-of-day journal, “Today was heavy, but I feel lighter.”

We could have put time limits on everyone’s coaching experiences. We could have said, “That’s enough of that, we have other activities to get to!” But instead, we looked up from our agendas and saw what was needed right then and there.

As for me? I went all in, just like I promised. I shared a lot about myself and received incredibly helpful feedback in return.

When we take our eyes off of our itineraries or to-do lists, we can tune into what is really going on around us. I’m not saying that structure is bad, just don’t let it get in the way of major personal growth.

Being present is very important to Frame of Mind Coaches. Sure, we have some parameters in place; we ask our clients to journal every day and we schedule a coaching call once a week. But when a client says that something major has happened, FOM Coaches reach out to them ASAP. And if a coaching call goes longer than the allotted amount of time, so be it!

We would rather get caught up in the moment with you than cut that moment short because “our time is up.”

Fill out an assessment and schedule your first call with us 🙂

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