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Step INTO Your Comfort Zone

by Rebecca Buttermore February 19, 2016

comfort zone
On New Year’s Day, I opened a newsletter sent out by another coaching company entitled, “Welcome to 2016.” Part of it read, “this is a new year, and a new you. You can pass through another year, coasting on cruise control. Or, you can step out of your comfort zone to get what you really, really want.”

I stopped at those words.

I thought that I had read, “or, you can step INTO your comfort zone.”

And I thought,WOW, what a cool twist on a common saying! What could they mean by stepping INTO ones comfort zone? That sounds like something I’d like to learn!

As I reread the sentence, I realized that I had misread it. Ugh, here’s yet another person telling me that in order to get what I want, I have to step out of my comfort zone.

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone has definitely been proven to have benefits, but that’s not enticing to me.

I mean, think about stepping out of your comfort zone. How does that feel? Thrilling? Probably not. It most likely makes you feel nervous. If we felt great about stepping out of our comfort zone in any given area of our lives, we would do it all the time! There is something paralyzing about stepping out of our comfort zone. The question is, is there another way to experience tremendous success?

What about leaning INTO my comfort zone? That’s exciting! I love the possibility of stepping INTO my comfort zone to get all that I really, really want!

A Frame of Mind Coaching client actually experienced this firsthand.

He had a natural ability to connect with people. He and his coach hit it off right away, and through stories that he told her, she could tell that others could relate to him just as easily. But he also had a gnawing tendency to push away the people closest to him.

At some point in his life, someone had told him that he needed connection too much − that he was too dependent on being with others. So even though he had this amazing ability to bond with people, he thought that doing so was bad.

His coach recommended that he lean into his skill of connecting, but he resisted. She asked him why he was doing this, and he told her about his belief that he was too dependent on others. She suggested that he challenge that belief, and he took her advice.

Now, he gives himself permission to do what comes naturally to him − to be social and make meaningful connections. He feels totally relaxed when he does this, totally at ease, and totally happy.

He is a more effective leader now, too. His employees have told him that they feel heard and understood in a new way. And since making great connections fuels him, he too feels nurtured.

Leaning into his comfort zone has allowed him to have amazing relationships, close friendships, and great business partners.

You CAN get what you really, really want out of life by leaning into your comfort zone. Define what makes you happy, then go for it. If you step out of your comfort zone instead, you may find yourself colliding head-on with things that you don’t want, and far away from what you already know you want.

So what do you really love to do? What are you great at? How can you lean into it more? What could stepping into your comfort zone look like for you?

Find out by Assessing Your Frame of Mind!

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